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Pet Waste Station Services in Parrish, FL and the Suncoast

The Most Effective Way to Curb Your Building’s Dog Poop Troubles

While we would hope that all pet owners come prepared with waste bags, the unfortunate truth is that many tend to forget. That's where DoodyCalls comes in. We specialize in installing and maintaining pet waste stations in areas that are in high need, such as parks, residential blocks, and corporate lawns.

Our pet waste stations are thoughtfully equipped with a convenient bag dispenser, a waste bin, and a clear sign. With these amenities, cleaning up after pets becomes an absolute breeze. But our services don't stop there. We not only set up these community dog waste bag dispensers, but we also take care of their ongoing maintenance.

Ready to improve your community space? Call us at (941) 841-1840 or reach out online to discuss installing a commercial dog waste station!

Our Comprehensive Pet Waste Station Services in Suncoast

DoodyCalls on the Suncoast handles all components of our pet waste stations:

  • Installation of the commercial waste station (and replacement, if necessary)

  • Weekly waste basket cleanup (or more frequent if needed)

  • Collection and disposal of waste within six feet of the stations

  • Inventory management of station supplies to make service frequency suggestions

  • Weekly refill of the bag dispensers with robust, high-quality waste bags

  • Maintenance of locks and securing hardware as needed

  • Service provision to non-DoodyCalls pet waste stations

  • Each dog waste station in our community comes with a one-year warranty and maintenance service, including lubricating locks, securing hardware and carrying out necessary repairs.

We continue to offer pet waste station repair services beyond the warranty period. Our dedicated team analyzes each station to figure out the best way to fix any damage - whether it requires repair or replacement. We assure you, the quality and functionality of our stations is our top priority.

Our Commercial Pet Waste Station Options

After two decades of experience, product testing, and valuable customer feedback, we realized the need for the ultimate pet waste station – so we went ahead and made it! We took all the suggestions from our amazing customers and incorporated them into our one-of-a-kind, budget-friendly pet waste stations and bags.

Our stations come in various sizes, shapes, and vibrant colors. All DoodyCalls stations are securely attached to 8-foot posts and are available in green and black. Our most popular stations stand at six to seven feet tall (including the station sign) once they're all set up. We've even gone the extra mile by powder-coating the DoodyCalls hardware to match the station color, giving it an extra visual appeal. Each model offers unique functionalities and features. Feel free to contact us for more details on our fantastic range!

Components of a DoodyCalls Pet Waste Station

At DoodyCalls, our mission is to provide the best pet waste station solution for your community. Therefore, we've developed what we believe to be the smartest stations and waste bags in the market. Pet waste stations comprise four important components:

  • Dog waste bin: This container for dog waste includes a large plastic liner. It can be made of steel, plastic, or aluminum, and can be lightweight or heavy-duty. DoodyCalls stations use heavy-duty aluminum for durability and rust-resistance.

  • Station post: This essential station component can be one-piece or two-piece, painted or powder-coated, square, tubular, or U-channel. DoodyCalls stations feature two-piece, powder-coated, square posts for aesthetics, lightness, and resistance to flaking.

  • Dog waste bag dispenser station: This is where owners collect new dog waste bags. The dispensers we install typically carry either roll-style bags or header-style bags.

  • Station sign: All stations include a friendly sign reminding dog owners to clean up after their pets.

Connect with us online or by calling (941) 841-1840 to learn more about our pet waste removal station services in Suncoast.

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