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  • “They take pride in their business and do not have a problem with getting their hands dirty. They came on our first appointment and did an amazing job. They went above and beyond our expectations. They heard about my husband's neck surgery and did extra cleanup to help us out. They have a customer for life now and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.”
    - Ana S.
  • “Our HOA hired Doody Calls to service our neighborhood about 6 months ago. We have a few Dog Depots scattered around the boulevards in the community. We have noticed a wonderful difference since they began. The area around the Dog Depots is always clean and smells so much better than before. The residents have been much better about picking up after their dogs since the area around the Dog Depot is "mine-free" and easy to get too. As a resident I highly recommend Doody Calls for even high maintenance areas.”
    - Joanna T.
  • “We received this service as a gift and it’s been the best gift ever! It’s such a relief not not have this chore on top of the thousands of others we all have. The folks who clean our yard are friendly, professional and they always make time to love on our dogs, which we really enjoy. Definitely recommend!”
    - Allie S.
  • “Being a property manager I feel you are always searching for contractors that get the job done. DoodyCalls is now servicing most of the properties that I manage and I have never had one complaint in the 5 years I have used them. The prices are great and you will not regret your decision to hire them!”
    - Suzanne S.
  • “We have been using Doody Calls for 9 years now. Love them! We have three small dogs and our small front yard would be a poop garden without them. The staff has always been very friendly and we have had no complaints in all these years.”
    - Rex M.
  • “DoodyCalls is a fantastic service!!!! We didn't mind "scooping the poop" from our dogs' side yard, but the odor -- especially on warmer days was AWFUL!!!!! DoodyCalls not only picks up the poop, but they DEODORIZE the area completely!!!! It is so much more sanitary, I wish I had known about this company years ago!!!! They are courteous, polite, never bother us when we are here -- and the dogs LOVE them!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!”
    - Suzanne P.
  • “Love love love this service! They are so easy to use! The one time that my yard wasn't 100% perfect they fixed it right away!”
    - McKenzie P.
  • “Doody Calls is the best! They are always on time and extremely thorough. Have never had our back gate left open, like we've experienced with other companies. Highly recommend them.”
    - Serena M.
  • “I LOVE these people and the company!! They have made my life much easier. I can now enjoy my days off with my 4 dogs in my back yard. Thank You!!!”
    - Jane B.