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Professional Pet Waste Removal in St. Petersburg, FL

Serving St. Petersburg – We’re Picking Up What Your Dog is Putting Down

Tackling the task of cleaning up after your furry friend is no easy feat, but here in St. Petersburg, we understand the value of a well-maintained yard. At DoodyCalls, we've gladly embraced the responsibility of managing your dog's waste, ensuring that your outdoor space remains not only clean but also a joyous haven.

More than just an ordinary dog poop cleanup service, we take pride in being your dedicated allies in maintaining a pawsitively delightful yard. Trust us to handle the doody, so you can revel in the beauty of a pristine and poop-free outdoor environment.

Take the first step towards a cleaner and more sanitary outdoor space! Schedule our pet waste removal service today for hassle-free cleanup. Don't wait – give your furry friends and your home the cleanliness they deserve. Contact us now for a FREE quote!

Pet Waste Removal Services

We offer top-notch pet waste removal services for St. Petersburg residents. Rain or shine, our friendly teams are always ready to tackle the mess, ensuring your yard stays clean and fresh. When the person cleaning up pet waste comes to your home, they'll walk around your yard in a crisscross pattern, looking carefully for any pet mess.

They do this twice to make sure they don't miss anything. They use a special tool with a bag to pick up the waste. Once they collect it all, they put the bag in another bag, tie it tightly, and then either throw it away in your garbage or take it in their vehicle, based on what you prefer.

Before our team members leave your property, they clean and disinfect their tools and shoes to make sure they don't carry any waste from one yard to another. This keeps everything clean and tidy.

Easy, Convenient & Affordable Cleanup

  • Flexible Frequency Packages - Whether you need us twice a week or once a month, we've got frequency packages to suit every pet parent's schedule. Rain or shine, hot or cold, we're here to keep your yard in tip-top shape year-round.
  • Custom Frequencies - We understand that every yard is unique. That's why we offer custom frequency options to match your specific needs. Just let us know, and we'll tailor our services to fit your lifestyle.
  • No Contracts, No Commitments - DoodyCalls is all about flexibility. We don't tie you down with contracts or commitments. Our services are as easy and breezy as a stroll through Vinoy Park.
  • One-Time Cleanup Services - Not in need of routine poop cleanup services? No problem! We're here for those days when you just need a one-time poop scooping service. It's the perfect solution for occasional needs.

Why Choose DoodyCalls?

National Trust, Local Touch: With over 20 years of industry experience, DoodyCalls is the most trusted dog poop removal company in the country. DoodyCalls of the Suncoast is family owned and operated, bringing you the reliability of a national brand with the personalized touch of a local service.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee - Never worry about stepping in it again! We're committed to your satisfaction, and we'll go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with our services.
  • Affordable Pricing - Our pricing depends on factors like location and the number of pets. However, we promise it's as affordable as enjoying a meal at your favorite local spot. No hidden fees – just transparent and fair pricing.
  • Uniformed and Trained Technicians - Our teams in St. Petersburg are not only trained professionals but also pet-loving individuals who respect your property. You can trust us to keep your yard spotless and doody free.

Areas We Proudly Offer Our Pet Waste Removal Services

  • Historic Kenwood
  • Historic Old Northeast
  • Downtown
  • Snell Isle
  • Historic Roser Park
  • St. Pete Pier
  • Old Southeast
  • Grand Central District
  • Historic Uptown
  • Bayway Isles
  • North Kenwood
  • North Shore Park
  • Central Arts District
  • St. Pete Beach
  • Tierra Verde

Ready to enjoy a poop-free yard in St. Petersburg? Give us a call at (941) 841-1840 for your free quote and let DoodyCalls take care of the dirty work – because your yard deserves to be as sunny and cheerful as our beautiful city!

Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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