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Satchel’s Last Chance Animal Shelter

By DoodyCalls on the Suncoast
Satchel's Last Resort with a photo of a cat and dog

Satchel's Last Resort with a photo of a cat and dog

At DoodyCalls on the Suncoast, we envision a world in which every animal is loved! A world where breed doesn’t matter and medical issues were an afterthought! A world where animals aren’t discarded because of behavioral challenges but loved in spite of them. This world we envision is everything that Satchel’s Last Chance Animal Shelter stands for. At Satchel’s, every life has value!

Satchel’s number one priority is to rescue, rehab, and rehome animals that have been overlooked or even rejected by others. They understand that each animal that comes to them is unique and they embrace that! The staff and volunteers at Satchel's work very hard to develop protocols unique to each animal to help them overcome their behavior challenges and learn to trust again. They give the animals the gift of time and the gift of healing. This is what sets Satchel's apart from other rescues.

Once the healing process begins, they can begin looking for their new fur-ever home. At Satchel’s they believe all dogs and cats are created equal and deserve to live the life of a beloved pet. Not only do they want to rehome these animals, but they spend a lot of time and effort looking for homes tailored to the needs of each specific animal. They want to find that perfect fit so that these animals can spend the rest of their lives with a family of their own!

It is easy to see why all of us at DoodyCalls on the Suncoast have fallen in love with the work that is taking place at Satchel’s! Being avid dog lovers ourselves, we strategically chose this line of business with the vision of helping people and dogs alike live happier and healthier lives. With over 20 years of experience in Pet Waste Management, we bring this vision to life by scooping poop! As silly as that may sound, there is just something about a clean, poop free, yard or community that makes people feel good. It also keeps us and our dogs healthy! 

Keeping our four-legged friends and their humans happy and healthy is truly at the core of what we do at DoodyCalls and we are very excited to expand this vision by partnering with Satchel’s Last Chance Resort & Sanctuary. To show our support, we are "Paying it Forward" by making a $25 donation for each and every customer who signs up for our reoccuring services. We are also honored to announce that DoodyCalls on the Suncoast will be a sponsor of the 2nd Annual Get Your Mutt Movin’ Dog Walk and Family Festival. We will be providing mobile pet waste stations to make picking up after your pet convenient and hassle free. Please come out to support Satchel's and enjoy the festivities. The event will take place Saturday, April 2nd, 2022 from 10am-2pm at CORE SRQ: 1075 S. Euclid Ave. Sarasota FL 34237.

Here are two easy ways you can support this great cause:

  • Sign up for DoodyCalls services using the code “SATCHELS25” and we will “Pay it Forward” by donating $25 on your behalf after your first month of service: SIGN UP
  • Register to participate in the event: REGISTRATION