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Paws in Motion Walk-A-Thon

By DoodyCalls on the Suncooast
paws in motion graphic

paws in motion graphic

From the moment we decided we wanted to start a family business we knew that giving back to our community would be something that we really focused on. It is our vision to impact and strengthen our community while also keeping it healthy and happy! This vision has led us to the Humane Society of Manatee County and not only was a partnership formed, but also a friendship born out of a love for animals.

The Humane Society of Manatee County is committed to leading Manatee County in fostering compassion and respect for animals through care, education, and collaboration. They have been saving lives, four paws at a time, for over 50 years.

One of the unique things that we really love about the Humane Society of Manatee County is their Sleepover Program for potential adopters. The program facilitates a 4 night/5 day stay in the prospective new owner’s home as a trial to see not only how the dog or cat adjusts to the new environment, but also to provide the family experience with the animal prior to adopting. Thanks to the Sleepover Program, they have seen their adoption retention rate soar to 97%! ūüėä

In addition to running a no-kill shelter, the Second Chance Adoption Center, the Humane Society of Manatee County also runs a full-service veterinary clinic that is open to the public. They offer spay & neuter surgeries, dental cleanings, wellness visits, and x-rays at an affordable cost. The clinic will also soon be offering dermatology and orthopedics as well.

Needless to say, we are so excited to have the opportunity to be a sponsor at their upcoming 16th Annual Paws in Motion Walk-a-Thon Fundraiser. We have the honor and pleasure of sponsoring their “Scoop the Poop” game that takes place during the event to incentivize pet owners to pick up after their pups! Each “doggy deposit” will earn pet owners a raffle ticket and a chance to win a free month of service from DoodyCalls.

There are few ways you can support this great cause:

  • Sign up for DoodyCalls services using the code “Humane25” and we will donate $25 on your behalf after your first month of service: SIGN UP
  • Register to participate in the event: REGISTRATION
  • Use the following link to make a direct donation: DONATE HERE