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Pet Waste Station Installation

Selecting the Best Location for Your Station

In order to maximize the benefits of your pet waste stations, it’s important to make sure they are strategically installed throughout your community. Pet owners will only use them if they are conveniently located, which is why high-traffic areas are often the best places to install these stations. DoodyCalls most often positions stations along paths and in parks and other common areas. The goal is to make it easy for dog walkers to pick up a bag at the beginning of their walk and to dispose of it after their pup does his or her business.

The best place to start when selecting a location is to consider the density of homes in the area. It may sound obvious, but areas where dog owners walk, relax, and play are great potential options. If you are looking at a map to determine the placement of your stations, it is recommended that you also walk the proposed area to ensure it makes sense and that stations aren’t too far apart or too close together. Physically evaluating the region also makes it possible to pay attention to any points where a station may not be suitable.

We don’t recommend installing waste stations in the following areas:

  • Near playgrounds
  • In homeowners’ line of sight
  • Near windows or doors of a building
  • Near park amenities

Placing a station that collects dog poop too close to a beloved communal area may lead to friction with community members and require you to eventually move it elsewhere. Avoid this headache by thoroughly considering your location before installation.

Strategic Station Placement

Many communities are designed as a loop, which means many dog owners out for a walk will follow a circular path. The best places to install waste stations are at the beginning and end of this loop, as well as at select intervals throughout. It’s important to make sure that owners always have easy access to fresh bags as well as convenient disposal. If stations are too far apart, residents may be less inclined to walk the extra distance, and then more inclined not to pick up after their dog.

Consider Alternate Sides of Streets

In urban areas, it’s vital to consider placing pet waste stations on both sides of the street so that residents don’t have to cross busy streets to access them, which can not only be a hassle but also dangerous. Doing so also helps provide people that walk up one side and down another with continued access to bags and receptacles. Stations should also be positioned so that dog walkers won’t block foot traffic when stopping, so it’s recommended to set them off to the edge of sidewalks. If you are installing a station in a grassy area that can become soggy or muddy, we also recommend using stepping-stones to create a clear path

If you have further questions about where to install your pet waste stations, don’t hesitate to reach out to the DoodyCallsteam at (888) 659-6558.

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