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Pet Waste Station Installation

Adding Community Dog Poop Stations

When pet waste stations are strategically installed throughout your community or commercial property, pet owners use them more consistently and set an example for others. The goal is to make it easy for dog walkers to pick up a bag at the beginning of their walk and dispose of their pup’s waste afterward.

DoodyCalls offers dog waste station installation services to make sure your setup looks fantastic, functions well, and is conveniently placed. We even have our own beautifully constructed waste stations and bag refills, and we’ll maintain the stations we install.

If you’re wondering where to install your pet waste stations, or if you’re interested in having us install some, Get a Free Quote or call (888) 659-6558.

Pet Waste Stations: Where to Install Them

When selecting a location, first consider the density of homes nearby. Areas where many dog owners walk, relax, and play are great places for dog waste stations. At the same time, the stations shouldn’t be too close to homes, playgrounds, benches, or doors and windows of a building because they might occasionally develop an odor.

If you’re looking at a map to determine the placement of your stations, we recommend that you also walk the area to confirm that stations aren’t too far apart, too close together, or inconvenient. The experts at your locally owned and operated DoodyCalls would be glad to give you advice about where to install your pet waste depots.

How to Install a Pet Waste Station

It’s easy – just connect with DoodyCalls! This is our general process after a waste station has been selected:

  1. Dig or drill a posthole in the confirmed location (typically about 18 inches deep).
  2. Assemble the post of the waste station, place it in the hole, and level it.
  3. Secure the post’s base with cement. Wait until it’s set firmly.
  4. Install other station parts, such as the sign and bag dispenser.
  5. Maintain the waste station at least once a week with the help of our pet waste station services.

With more than 20 years in the business, we’ve worked out every kink in the installation and maintenance processes. We’re proud to be a full-service dog waste management provider, and we’re ready to help you help your community.

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Pet Waste Station Installation FAQs

Do you offer dog poop stations for home use?

Our poop stations can be installed virtually anywhere, including at a home, HOA community, or apartment complex! Contact your local DoodyCalls for more information.

How to maintain a pet waste station:

Maintenance for a dog waste depot include refilling the bags, emptying the waste bin, tightening hardware, lubricating components, making repairs, and cleaning up waste nearby that missed the bin. DoodyCalls can handle all these steps for you. In fact, when your station is installed by us, it comes with one year of maintenance when you sign up for our pet station services.

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