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Pet Waste Station Services

The Most Effective Way to Curb Your Dog Poop Troubles

We’d like to believe that dog owners are always prepared to clean up after their pups, but many are not, often unintentionally. DoodyCalls offers pet waste station installation services in areas where dog owners are likely to need them, whether that’s in a park, an apartment complex, or a business’s lawn.

Pet waste stations consist of a poop bag dispenser, waste bin, and a sign, encouraging pet owners to clean up after their pups by making it easier to do so. We install these community dog poop bag dispensers and maintain them too.

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What Our Services Include

Independently owned and operated DoodyCalls locations manage every aspect of pet waste stations:

  • Installing the commercial waste station (and replacing it, if ever necessary)
  • Emptying waste baskets weekly (or more frequently)
  • Collecting and disposing of waste within a six-foot radius of the stations
  • Maintaining inventory of station supplies to inform recommendations for service frequency
  • Restocking the bag dispensers every week with high-quality, durable waste bags
  • Lubricating locks and tightening hardware as needed
  • Servicing non-DoodyCalls pet waste stations

All neighborhood dog poop stations come with a one-year warranty and waste station maintenance, which includes lubricating locks, tightening hardware, and performing necessary repairs.

Even after the warranty period, we offer pet waste station repair services. We evaluate each station to determine the most effective solution to damage – repair or replacement.

Our Commercial Pet Waste Station Options

After more than 20 years of in-the-field experience, testing of leading products, and listening to our customer’s needs, we realized that the ideal pet waste station didn’t exist – so we created it! We’ve applied all our customer feedback into creating our own line of pet waste stations and bags that add value and are cost-effective.

The stations come in several different sizes, shapes, and colors. All DoodyCalls stations come on 8-ft posts and are available in green and black. The most popular stations are usually about six to seven feet tall (including the station sign), once installed. DoodyCalls powder-coats our hardware to match the color of the station for increased aesthetic appeal. Functionality and features vary by model.

Learn about our most popular stations, their components, and their construction.

The DoodyCalls Master Chief™ Pet Waste Station

Our most streamlined option offers a bag dispenser on a pole with a sign. Effectiveness is limited without an attached waste bin, but getting waste bags into pet owners' hands is half the battle. Available in roll and header bag styles, and in green or black, this station works well in high-visibility areas where you don’t want to see or smell garbage.

Buy the Master Chief ™ Pet Waste Station at DoodyCalls Direct >>

The DoodyCalls Commander® Pet Waste Station

The Commander is our most popular model. This inexpensive yet functional solution comes complete with both a bag dispenser and an open waste receptacle. We recommend this station for large common areas and walking trails. Available in roll and header bag styles, green or black.

Buy the Commander Pet Waste Station at DoodyCalls Direct >>

The DoodyCalls Admiral® Pet Waste Station

The Admiral is an attractive, heavy-duty, effective option for communities looking for tamper-resistant pet waste stations. The mailbox trash can slot prevents other large trash items from being deposited, and they contain the smell. We recommend this station for high-density communities where the station will be near homes or parking lots. Available in roll and header bag styles, green or black.

Buy the Admiral Pet Waste Station at DoodyCalls Direct >>

Pet Waste Station Components

DoodyCalls wants to help you find the best pet waste station solution for your community, so we’ve created what we believe are the smartest-designed stations and waste bags in the industry. Pet waste stations have four main components:

  • Dog waste receptacle: With a large plastic liner, this bin is where the dog waste goes after residents drop it off. The bin can be made of steel, plastic, or aluminum and can be either lightweight or heavy-duty. DoodyCalls stations use heavy-duty aluminum, due to its toughness and rust-resistance.
  • Station post: A durable post is the backbone of the station. Posts can be one piece or two; painted or powder-coated; and square, tubular, or U-channel. DoodyCalls stations have two-piece, powder-coated, square posts for better aesthetics, light weight, and flake-resistance.
  • Dog poop bag dispenser station: This is where owners grab fresh dog poop bags. Most dispensers we install hold one of two different types of bags: roll-style bags or header-style bags.
  • Station sign: All stations will have a friendly sign encouraging dog owners to pick up after their pup.

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