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Pet Waste Station Services

The Most Effective Way to Curb Your Dog Poop Troubles

If you have a large outdoor common space in your community, chances are many of the residents are using it for walking or playing with their dogs. This is one of the best uses of parks and community spaces, yet where there are dogs, there often is dog poop. We’d like to believe that all dog owners are always prepared to clean up after their pup, but in reality, many are not, often unintentionally. DoodyCalls is here to propose a solution. We offer pet waste station installation services and can strategically install them in areas where dog owners are likely to need them.

Pet waste stations consist of a bag dispenser, waste bin, and a sign, helping to encourage pet owners to clean up after their pups by making it easier to do so. They offer fresh bags to collect the feces and a waste bin to easily dispose of it. These stations are quite simple and easy to install, yet provide a valuable service that allows both pet-owners and non-pet-owning residents to fully enjoy community spaces.

What Our Services Include

DoodyCalls provides more than just the installation of your pet waste stations. We manage every aspect of them as well. Additional services offered by our independently owned and operated locations include:

  • Emptying waste baskets on a weekly basis (or more frequently if needed)
  • Collecting and disposing of any waste within a six-foot radius of the stations
  • Maintaining inventory of all station supplies
  • Restocking the dispensers every week with high-quality, durable waste bags
  • Noting inventory levels of stations and making recommendations on service frequency as usage increases or decreases
  • Lubricating locks & tightening hardware as needed

All pet waste stations come with a one-year warranty and waste station maintenance, which includes lubricating locks, tightening hardware, and performing any necessary repairs.

Pet Waste Station Repair

In many cases, we are able to repair a pet waste station rather than replace it. We will evaluate each station need individually to determine the most effective solution.

Pet Waste Station Components

DoodyCalls wants to help you find the best solution for your community so we’ve created what we believe are the smartest designed stations and waste bags in the industry. Pet waste stations have four main components:

  • Waste receptacle: Consisting of a large plastic liner, this is where the dog waste goes after residents drop it off.
  • Station post: Stations are secured to a durable post, which is the backbone of the station.
  • Bag dispenser: This is where owners will grab fresh dog poop bags. Most dispensers we install hold one of two different types of bags: roll-style bags or header-style bags.
  • Station sign: All stations will have a friendly reminder sign encouraging dog owners to pick up after their pup.


Pet waste stations are made out of three common materials: steel, plastic, and aluminum, and they can be either lightweight or heavy-duty. DoodyCalls recommends aluminum over steel since aluminum won’t rust and over plastic that may crack and fade in color more quickly and look tired and worn after time.

As far as durability, lightweight metal containers are more prone to falling apart or rusting, which will require more frequent replacement than heavy-duty models. In the long run, lightweight metal and plastic typically result in higher expenses than a heavier duty option.

You should also consider the following:
  • Bolts: Are they angled hex bolts or smooth carriage bolts? Carriage bolts will be less likely to catch on and tear the bag when it is removed from the station.
  • Hinges: Steel hinges may rust, so look for hinges made of aluminum.

Protective Color Coating

DoodyCalls recommends metal waste stations that are powder coated instead of painted, as powder coating is generally tougher and longer-lasting than paint.

Design & Water Tightness

It’s very important that waste stations are protected from the elements and that water doesn’t get into the receptacle box. Simply put, we want to avoid “poop soup” that results from water mixing with dog poop. Plastic stations often have large holes in the side while others have loose-fitting lids, both of which results in water getting inside. The best stations have a mailbox-style chute that closes tightly and is the perfect size opening for depositing waste bags. These chutes also limit the other types of garbage, like everyday household trash, that can be deposited into the receptacles.


Pet waste stations come in several different sizes, shapes, and colors. The most popular stations are usually about six to seven feet tall (including the station sign) and are typically brown, green, or black. Many customers want their pet waste stations to blend in with the surroundings, and these three colors are generally the best to do so. DoodyCalls powder coats our hardware to match the color of the station for increased aesthetic appeal.

As far as uniformity of stations, many communities have different sizes, styles, and colors throughout their community. These stations are often placed far enough apart that uniformity is not necessary.


The components of your station are all secured to a central post, which can be either square or a U-channel. Posts can be one piece or two, painted or powder-coated, and square, tubular, or U-channel. DoodyCalls recommends using square two-piece powder coated posts, as one-piece posts are challenging to transport and are quite heavy. Square posts also look better and the powder coating will match the station itself. All of DoodyCalls’ waste stations are two-piece square posts. The posts will be anchored to the ground with concrete, so it’s important to be strategic about where they are placed from the beginning.

Station Signs

Almost all pet waste stations have a sign on the top that reminds dog owners to clean up after their pets. You can choose from several different signs to find the one that is most aesthetically pleasing for your environment.

Our Pet Waste Station Options

For over 20 years, DoodyCalls has been helping communities manage dog waste. We used all the expertise we have gained to create a line of pet waste stations and bags that both add value and are cost-effective. Call us and we'll create a customized recommendation for stations and their placement based on your community's specific needs.

The DoodyCalls Master Chief™ Pet Waste Station

Our most streamlined option offers a bag dispenser on a pole with a sign. Effectiveness is limited, but any solution is better than no solution, and getting waste bags in pet owners' hands is half the battle. Available in roll and header bag styles, green or black.

Buy the Master Chief ™ Pet Waste Station at DoodyCalls Direct >>

The DoodyCalls Commander® Pet Waste Station

The Commander Pet Waste Station is an inexpensive, yet more functional solution, complete with both a bag dispenser and an open waste receptacle. We recommend this station for large, open common areas and walking trails. Available in roll and header bag styles, green or black.

Buy the Commander Pet Waste Station at DoodyCalls Direct >>

The DoodyCalls Admiral® Pet Waste Station

The Admiral pet waste station is an attractive, durable, and effective option for communities looking for sleek, tamper-resistant pet waste stations that contain waste bags and their odor. We recommend the Admiral for use in high-density communities when the station will be located near homes or parking lots. Available in roll and header bag styles, green or black.

Buy the Admiral Pet Waste Station at DoodyCalls Direct >>

When evaluating pet waste stations for your community, keep in mind that there is no need to commit to just one style. Many of our customers choose different models for different areas. Some areas are more heavily populated and trafficked and others, so they may have greater needs. Our team can help you choose the right model for your needs and can even create a pet waste management proposal for your community free of charge.

Community Pet Waste Concerns

In the real estate world, property values are highly dependent on many different factors. If an area is ripe with smelly dog poop, chances are this can lower the property value for homeowners and rental property managers. That’s why every community needs a solution for this common problem before it becomes a nuisance to neighbors and others in the community. DoodyCalls is ready to keep your common areas sanitary and aesthetically pleasing. We can help you design long-term waste elimination plans and maintain the cleanliness of your community.

Dog waste can be a health hazard, and since there are more dogs than people in the U.S.*, community pet waste services aren’t just a convenience, they’re an important part of a community’s health and vibrancy.

The Dangers of Dog Poop

Dog waste is not only unpleasant but harmful to the environment. and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has deemed it a “nonpoint source of pollution.” A single gram of dog feces can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which can cause everything from diarrhea and cramps to serious kidney disorders in humans. A 1993 EPA study even estimated that just two or three days' worth of droppings from about 100 dogs in a twenty-square mile drainage shed could produce enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay to swimming and shellfishing.

How to Help in Five Steps

Ready to get started towards a waste-free community? Here are five steps you can take:
  • Call DoodyCalls – We are the premier provider of pet waste management for HOAs and will work with our customers to create a customized plan for their community.
  • Purchase pet waste stations – With the help of our customer care team, choose one of the options above or work with us to create a customized plan!
  • Opt for our common area cleanings – Even with pet waste stations, some residents still won’t pick up after their pup. We’ll come and clean your property regularly so you can ensure a clean space for each resident and guest.
  • Design a dog park – This will minimize the areas where dogs relieve themselves, and dog owners will be more inclined to clean up after their pets when in the vicinity of other pet parents who are doing the same.
  • Educate your community – Informed residents will be better community members. Teach them about the hazards of pet waste through newsletters and community meetings. Let them know what you are doing to combat the problem and how they can help.

If you have any questions about anything dog waste-related, the DoodyCalls team is your go-to resource, and we will be happy to assist you!

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