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Dog Poop Pickup Service

Reliable Dog Poop Removal Services on Your Schedule

The problem is simple: You have a dog, you have a yard, and your dog relieves himself or herself in the yard several times a day, leaving you with an unpleasant obstacle course.

Our solution is also simple: A local, independently owned and operated DoodyCalls stops by on a regular schedule and carefully removes and disposes of pet waste, ensuring your yard is clean and safe for your family to enjoy.

Though we haven’t done a scientific study, we think most people agree that pet poop removal is the least enjoyable part of being a pet parent. So why not be done with it once and for all? Our dog poop pickup services will eliminate this task from your to-doo list. You can focus on more of the things you love while we handle the dirty work.

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Clean & Simple Services

At DoodyCalls, we work with you to set the service frequency and timing that works best for you. Our locations offer twice-weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services. We also provide on-demand or one-time dog poop cleanup services for those random instances when you can’t find the time to do it yourself.

What to Expect when DoodyCalls Arrives

When the pet waste removal technician arrives at your home, they will walk through your yard in a grid-like pattern, scan back and forth, and remove every pet deposit they spot. To ensure they get every dropping, they’ll take a second walk-through to double-check.

They’ll use a special scooping receptacle lined with a fresh waste bag. When they’ve collected it all, they’ll place the bag in another bag and tie them up with a secure knot. Then they place the bags in either your garbage can or their vehicle for disposal, whichever you prefer.

Before they leave, technicians clean and disinfect their tools and shoes to make sure they don’t bring any waste from one yard to the next.

**We do not provide services inside of residences. We need direct outside access to the areas to clean and are not able to walk through residences to access the area to be cleaned.

Why Choose DoodyCalls for Dog Poop Removal Near Me?

Our professional dog poop removal company has been helping homeowners keep their yards clean and safe for more than 20 years, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

There are quite a few good reasons that DoodyCalls is the leading pet waste company in the country:

  • Our pet waste removal services are affordable and widely available.
  • We customize our services to fit your unique needs.
  • The pooper scooper technicians at each of our independently owned and operated locations are fully insured, background checked, and uniformed, and they arrive in branded vehicles.
  • We mark your cleaned property with door hangers when we’re finished.
  • We’ve been highlighted in more than 100 news stories and features, including Forbes.
  • We stand by our high-quality standards by providing a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • We offer a 10% discount when you prepay for 52 services and a 5% discount when you pre-pay for 26.

Relief from cleaning up after your furry loved one is only a call or click away! Get a Free Quote Online.

Dog Poop Pickup FAQs

Is not picking up dog poop in your own yard a bad thing?

It’s considered to be bad for a few reasons. First, dog poop isn’t fertilizer – it can harm your lawn and vegetable garden. It’s also an environmental pollutant and is bad for dogs themselves. Finally, it’s possible for HOAs and neighborhood covenants to require you to pick up the waste in your own yard.

Will you pick up my side yard and backyard too?

Yes! As long as we don’t have to go through your home to access the area, we are happy to do whatever yard poop removal is required.

How much is dog poop pick up service?

The cost of dog poop removal service varies, depending on your location, the size of your pets and yard, and how many pets you have. A good rule of thumb is that the more poop there is and the larger the area is, the more the service will cost.

While specific pricing varies by market, the DoodyCalls basic poop pickup package is typically as affordable as your weekly lunch date. We offer quick and easy free quotes – get yours here.

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Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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