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Yard Deodorizing Services in Miami for Outdoor Pet Odor Elimination

Top-Rated Pet Odor Control in Coral Gables

Your dog may be to blame for the odors on your patio, deck, or sidewalk. Though it's easy to forgive your furry friend for doing their business, eliminating outdoor pet odors isn't as simple – until you connect with DoodyCalls® of Miami. We offer patio, deck, and yard deodorizing services to make your property smell fresh again.

The teams from our independently owned and operated locations apply a natural cleaning solution with deodorizing enzymes that are tough on odors yet gentle on different surfaces.

Take back your patio and deck with our pet smell removal service. Get a Free Quote online today.

Discover Our Effective Yard Deodorizing Process

The DoodyCalls team is confident we can rid your Miami property of those odors so you can enjoy being outside. Your family, visitors, and even your pets will appreciate this yard deodorizer for dog odors.

Our cleaning solution is natural, and there is no required drying wait time. After the service, you, your pets, and your barbeque guests can use your yard again.

Is One Treatment Enough for Odor-Free Yards?

Often, it does. However, if it's been a while since these surfaces have been cleaned or deodorized, it may take several treatments altogether to remove the unpleasant smells of pet urine and feces.

If you would like to schedule recurring outdoor pet odor control sessions, we'd be happy to put you on our rotation! However, there are no hard feelings if you only want a one-time or on-demand service. Either way, we never require contracts or commitments.

Meet Your Miami Pet Waste Removal Experts

DoodyCalls is the nation's most recognized and trusted dog waste removal company. We have locations throughout the United States. Each independent location's trained and insured technicians always arrive uniformed and in branded vehicles.

We offer free quotes and back up our services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose – except for that smell! – by giving us a call. We look forward to providing our fresh-smelling solution!

Ready to ditch the outdoor pet odors? Request a free quote to get started with our dog poop deodorizer for your yard today!

Yard Deodorizer FAQs

What is yard deodorizer?

Yard deodorizer is an outdoor pet odor eliminator product. It neutralizes stinky pet odors so you can enjoy your yard, sidewalk, or deck again. Some store-bought products mask odors, but the natural lawn deodorizer from DoodyCalls is formulated to reduce the dog poop smell from your yard so you can enjoy more time outdoors.

Do you offer backyard deodorizer services?

Yes! No matter which side of your yard smells like dog pee or poo, we've got you covered.

Will deodorizing my yard encourage my dog to mark that area more?

When dogs mark, they do so for two primary reasons: to claim their territory or to express anxiety. Our natural deodorizer for pet smells will work to remove odors. Still, it will not necessarily encourage marking, as this behavior usually involves small amounts of urine in several areas, not a single piddle.

Should I try a homemade lawn deodorizer?

It's your house, your rules. But remember that many homemade recipes – like using mouthwash and dishwashing liquid as lawn deodorizers – could quickly dry out your grass and harm your pets. Plus, they tend to mask odors instead of chemically altering them.

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