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Dog Poop Pickup Services in Miami, FL

Enjoy a Spotless Yard

Owning a dog in Miami, FL, brings joy and companionship, but it also comes with a less desirable responsibility—dog poop removal. With our local, independently operated DoodyCalls® of Miami service, you can enjoy the benefits of pet ownership without the messy cleanup.

We provide reliable and efficient pooper scooper services, ensuring your yard is clean, safe, and ready for your family's enjoyment!

Top Reasons to Choose DoodyCalls® of Miami for Pet Waste Management

Being a pet parent has many perks, but dog poop cleanup isn't one of them. That's where we come in! Our comprehensive dog poop pick-up services allow you to focus on enjoying time with your furry friend while we handle the dirty work.

Say goodbye to the dirty work! Call (305) 520-7904 or contact us online for dog poop pick up services near you!

Customized Pet Waste Removal Plans  

At DoodyCalls® of Miami, we customize our dog poop removal services to suit your specific needs. We provide flexible options, including twice-weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services. We're also available for on-demand or one-time pet waste removal for unexpected situations.

We are here to make it hassle-free and keep your Miami outdoor space clean and enjoyable at all times!

Our Pick Up Process

Our technician will meticulously walk through your yard in a grid-like pattern, scanning back and forth to remove every pet deposit they spot.

To ensure thoroughness, they'll conduct a second walk-through to double-check and make sure no dropping is left behind.

They use a special scooping receptacle lined with a fresh waste bag for hygienic collection.

Once all waste is collected, they'll securely tie up the waste bags for proper disposal, either in your garbage can or their vehicle, as per your preference.

Before leaving, our technicians clean and disinfect their tools and shoes to prevent any cross-contamination between yards.

**Please note: We require direct outside access to the areas to be cleaned and cannot walk through residences.**

For a truly pristine and odor-free outdoor space that complements our pooper scooper services, explore our specialized yard deodorizing solutions!

Choose DoodyCalls® of Miami for Reliable Dog Poop Removal in Miami

DoodyCalls® of Miami has been a trusted name in pet waste removal for over 20 years. Here's why Miami, FL residents choose us:

  • Affordable and widely available services
  • Fully insured, background-checked, and uniformed technicians
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Discounts for prepaid services
  • Recognized by major publications like Forbes

Experience the relief of outsourcing your pet waste removal task to DoodyCalls® of Miami, the leading dog poop cleanup service in Miami, FL. Contact us today for a free quote!

Ready for a Cleaner Yard? Let us Take Care of Your Dog's Mess! Call (305) 520-7904 or contact us online for dog poop clean-up services in Miami, FL!

Dog Poop Pick Up - FAQs

Is not picking up dog poop in your yard harmful?

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, dog poop isn't a fertilizer. It can damage your lawn and garden. It's also an environmental pollutant and can be harmful to dogs themselves.

Do you clean side yards and backyards too?

Absolutely! We provide comprehensive pet waste removal as long as we have direct outside access to the area.

How often should you pick up dog poop in your yard?

The rule of thumb is to scoop dog poop immediately after your dog goes to the bathroom, even in your backyard. If you can't do it right away, make sure to clean up all dog poop in your yard at least once a week.

It's crucial not to mow the lawn with dog poop still present, as your lawnmower can inadvertently spread bacteria and parasites found in the waste all over your yard, potentially posing health risks to both you and your furry friend.

How long does dog poop take to dissolve in grass?

Believe it or not, dog waste can take a year to decompose fully, leaving your lawn brown and patchy. However, by adopting a diligent routine of scooping dog poop immediately after your dog goes to the bathroom, you can turn this situation around in just a matter of weeks.

This responsible practice keeps your lawn looking green and healthy and contributes to a cleaner and more pleasant outdoor environment for everyone.

Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

Get a free & fast quote now! Prices start at $12 per visit.*

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