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New pet? Make them feel right at home

Brown dog laying in bed with owners

The Dayton, Ohio area is great for families, which is true for your four-legged family members, too.

If you are adding a new family member, keep in mind that the transition can take some time and requires commitment. It is definitely worth it, though! Adopting a pet can add so much to your family – companionship, playfulness and security. Here are a few tips to make your new family member feel at home:

  • Introduce your dog to family members outside one at a time. It's best to let the dog be the one to approach, sniff and drive the interaction. A treat can help the dog associate family members with good things (food!).
  • If you have another dog, introduce the new buddies to each other outside. Furthermore, if you already have multiple dogs, introduce them one by one. Don’t rush it. Keep the leashes loose with no tension. Make sure they meet in a food-free, toy-free zone. Don’t leave them alone until you are sure it is safe to do so. Watch and manage all interactions between the dogs initially. When walking the dogs, a different person should walk each dog.
  • Let him or her settle in before inviting guests over. While it may be tempting to invite all your friends to meet your new four-legged friend, it's best to limit guests so the dog doesn't get overwhelmed or nervous.
  • Establish boundaries. You may plan to give your newest family member full run of the house, but it is still important to set some boundaries. If your pets are not allowed on the furniture, don't sit on the sofa while holding them. If they are allowed on specific pieces of furniture, start that training immediately. Are any parts of the house off-limits? Establish those boundaries as soon as you bring your new pet home. You might want to consider obedience or behavior training. Even "good" dogs can benefit from learning manners. You can find a certified trainer in the Dayton area here.
  • Taking care of business. Your pet should be trained to relieve itself outside – not at home. Establish a designated potty spot and reward the dog with a treat for going there. Start training your dog to go out by taking them out frequently, about every two hours to start for puppies. It is especially important to take them out after they eat or drink. Set a routine. For example, take them out first thing every morning, so they associate waking up with going to the bathroom outside. Remember that you will want to clean up after your pet, even outdoors. We know you're busy, and we're happy to help! Our trained DoodyCalls technicians will remove the pet waste from your yard. You can choose one-time, twice weekly or weekly scoops.
  • Have some fun! Once your furry family member has settled in at home, go out and have some fun. Visiting a dog park is an excellent opportunity for you and your dog to socialize, enjoy fresh air and get some exercise. You can find information about dog parks around Dayton here. If you are looking for something more for you but where your pup can tag along, check out the First Friday Art Hops at Front Street or head to one of the many dog-friendly restaurants and pubs in the city.

We know you'll be a great pet parent! Remember, this includes being a responsible pet owner. Pick up after your pet in public places, or look for spaces where DoodyCalls is on call for pet waste management and removal.

We're on a mission to help pet owners spend more time enjoying their pets and keep communities clean and happy. We're super excited about our new partnership with the city of Miamisburg. And we would love to be in your community too. Remember that we scoop poop in Dayton and surrounding areas so you don’t have to!