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How can green infrastructure decrease pollution in our Raleigh waterways?

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Green infrastructure is up an coming approach to waste management where the integration of natural and vegetative systems into Raleigh's urban areas helps to manage water and improve the environment. This type of infrastructure can provide multiple benefits and also attempts to mimic water's natural cycle. One of the many issues that green infrastructure can also help address today is pet waste pollution and dog waste removal in Raleigh, and the neighboring community's, waterways.

Pet waste is a significant source of water pollution because it contains harmful bacteria and nutrients that can harm aquatic life. It can also pose a risk to human health if contaminated water is found present in the water where bodily contact with water might take place, for example, in areas where swimming, boating, or water skiing might be popular. Water could also be accidentally consumed during these activities posing further health risks. When pet waste is not properly disposed of and enters the Raleigh stormwater system, it can end up in streams, rivers, and other bodies of our water, even out to the Atlantic Ocean, causing water quality issues and negatively impacting the environment all over our town.

Green infrastructure can provide a solution to this problem by reducing the amount of dog waste that enters waterways (and helping dog waste removal in Raleigh) and improving water quality. Here's how:

Stormwater management: Green infrastructure systems such as rain gardens and green roofs capture and filter stormwater runoff, including pet waste, before it reaches streams and rivers. These systems use vegetation and soil to remove pollutants and improve water quality. For example, rain gardens can be placed near pet waste stations or in park areas where pet waste is prevalent to capture and filter the waste before it reaches the stormwater system.

Reducing dog waste: By creating more green spaces and parks for dogs to play and exercise, pet owners, are less likely to let their dogs relieve themselves on streets and sidewalks, reducing the amount of pet waste that enters the stormwater system. Additionally, installing pet waste stations in parks and green spaces around Raleigh and our community can encourage pet owners to properly dispose of their dogs' waste and help dog waste removal in Raleigh, further reducing the amount that reaches waterways.

Improving the quality of dog waste: Using natural fertilizers in parks and green spaces can reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil, thus reducing the amount of these nutrients that leach into waterways from pet waste. Promoting the growth of native vegetation in parks and green spaces can also reduce the number of harmful bacteria in pet waste, reducing the risk of waterborne illness.

Green infrastructure provides not only environmental benefits but also social and economic benefits. For example, by creating more green spaces and parks, communities can encourage physical activity and promote social interaction, improving the health and well-being of residents. Green infrastructure can also increase property values, boost local economies, and create jobs in the construction and maintenance of green spaces.

Investing in green infrastructure can be a smart decision for communities looking to address environmental problems and create healthier urban environments. Implementing green infrastructure projects can be done at various scales, from individual homeowners to local governments, and can be customized to meet specific needs and goals. Starting a path toward green infrastructure and other green initiatives can be as simple as installing community pet waste containers.

Green infrastructure is an effective and sustainable solution to reducing dog waste pollution in waterways and helping dog waste removal in Raleigh. By capturing and filtering stormwater runoff, reducing the amount of pet waste generated, and improving the quality of pet waste, green infrastructure can improve water quality, protect aquatic life, and provide numerous social and economic benefits. With the growing demand for sustainable solutions to environmental problems, green infrastructure is a promising option for communities looking to create healthier and more livable urban environments.

If you are looking to start the path towards a greener infrastructure and reduce pet waste in your community, check out our Commercial Services and commercial pet waste removal in Wake County to help your community today.