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There is No Better Place Than Home for North Ridge Residents and Their Pets

By Galya Mann, Owner
Waste Station

Waste Station

A progressive community in North Raleigh, called Northridge Trace, started using our dog waste removal service back in 2009. Soon after, the HOA board recognized that while dog waste removal is a good solution for reducing the number of residents’ complaints, it does not address the cause of the problem. Considering that lacking pet waste management infrastructure in their community may be what discourages dog parents from being more diligent in picking up after their pets, the board requested more guidance on how to address the issue in the most effective way. This foresight led to the installation of two dog waste stations. The process was simple: we emailed the board a proposal for dog waste station purchase, installation, and service and installed the stations once it was approved.

As the stations aged, the community started experiencing more dog waste complaints and it was time for an upgrade. In the beginning of 2021, the board members decided to replace the existing stations, having in mind that their useful life is 10 years and dog walkers make the best use of this amenity when it is in mint condition. When they approached us again for guidance, we recommended that they consider partial or complete replacement and suggested two station models: the Commander and the Admiral. The board chose the Admiral because in addition to being vandal-resistant and rust-proof, this model is also odor-free, which makes it a perfect solution for high-traffic areas.

We installed the new stations once NC-811 was ready with marking the utility lines, and disposed of the old ones in a landfill. The entire process took around two weeks due to a slight shipping delay. At the end, everyone was happy with the result and we were told that neighbors are complimenting board members for a job well-done:)

If this story piqued your interest in dog waste management and you are already picturing the Admiral in your community, please contact us at We look forward to helping your community find the right dog waste management solution.