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  • “Your services have been a lifesaver!  We all, dogs & me, look forward to our dude's visits every Thursday!  He is so good with my dogs, he handles them with compassion and ease, even when they are jumping on him all at once.  Knows everyone's name and personality, too.”
    - Marni S.
  • “This will sound stange - but having a pet waste service makes me happy! I've had dogs all my life, and clean-up is part of per care. I couldn't comprehend why someone would pay for that? Then I thought, I often pay for someone else to bathe and groom them, what is the difference? So, I hired DoodyCalls of San Mateo. They come 2x/ week, rain or shine. It saves me time, gives me peace of mind with their sanitizing methods, and removes that static on my brain thinking about doing this never-ending task. The staff are super friendly, mindful of closing gates, and sower my pups with pets and treats (with permission). So yeah, having a pet waste service makes me happy! Do you have any other pet tips or services that might make others happy?”
    - Rhonda R.
  • “Thank you for your valuable service! Around 3 pm on Fridays, Ron always arrives in a good mood. We appreciate his friendliness & positive attitude!”
    - Aimee S.
  • Thank you for your excellent and reliable service. We have greatly appreciated you, ever since that fateful day when I was doing it myself -- only to fill a grocery bag full and have it spill out when I picked it up. So belive me when I say we greatly appreciate your service!

    - Mary and Peter
  • “DoodyCalls is a fantastic service!!!! We didn't mind "scooping the poop" from our dogs' side yard, but the odor -- especially on warmer days was AWFUL!!!!! DoodyCalls not only picks up the poop, but they DEODORIZE the area completely!!!! It is so much more sanitary, I wish I had known about this company years ago!!!! They are courteous, polite, never bother us when we are here -- and the dogs LOVE them!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!”
    - Suzanne P.