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About DoodyCalls San Mateo

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Dogs are our best friend. They comfort us, they teach us how to love unconditionally There is almost nothing to not like about a dog – except for maybe their poop. That’s where DoodyCalls comes in. We are a pet waste removal company that offers a variety of solutions for pet owners, commercial properties, and community managers.

DoodyCalls pooper scooper services include:

  • Residential dog poop removal
  • Yard deodorizing services
  • Community pet waste removal
  • Pet waste station installation and management

DoodyCalls proudly scoops over 10 million doggie deposits every year and is the leading provider of pooper scooper services in the country. We’re also the first pet waste management company and franchise of our kind. We provide our services to people who are short on time – or simply don’t want to clean up after their pup - but are never short on love for their pets. We get it and we are here to help. Each DoodyCalls location puts customers first and is continually solving pet waste problems for the planet with our unrivaled industry experience. DoodyCalls is making the world a cleaner and happier place – one poop pile at a time.

The Doody That Changed Everything

In 2005 I (Rick) found myself once again being asked to move with the company I worked for or take a severance package. I wasn’t about to uproot my family, but I knew one thing-I was done working my way up in companies only to see them move. I wanted to start my own business. As it turned out, I was able to team up with a couple of coworkers and we took on a small product line making aneurysm clips for them.

This bought Paulette and I time to look for a business to invest in. We were looking for something that we could use as a platform to make the community we live in a better place. Something to stick with for the rest of our lives that could grow. When we saw an ad in the paper for a DoodyCalls Franchise, we took a look, I recall thinking, “Well, no one is going to die if we didn’t get it right!” Whereas the pressure I had with the aneurysm clips was a lot! No manufacturing, I like this! It looks good! We then went and met with Jacob & Susan and that’s all it took. They are the most honest people you will ever meet! So there we were making aneurysm clips and picking up doody!

Perseverance & Rewards

We missed one thing; it doesn’t snow in San Mateo! When the snow melts yards are full of it on the East Coast, they are rolling in it, not literally lol, customer wise. So, perseverance was/is key. The clip business lasted 5 years as the product line was phased out. Reward was/is using DoodyCalls as a platform to give back to the community! We sponsored the 1st Police Cover Your K9 Foundation Dog wash fundraiser at Pet Food Express to fund K9 units with K9 police vests. Since 2012, because it was so successful and a great idea, it has been handled by the "Cover Your K-9" Police and Working K-9 Foundation ( We are very proud and appreciative of all the support we received. We have been part of many fundraisers for the Peninsula Humane Society too. You may have seen us following the horses in many of the local parades in the area. We always receive the most cheers from the crowd! Our greatest honor was receiving a Challenge Pin from the 101st Airborne K9 Division for providing ER kits & training on their use for their K9s.

We Don’t Just “Doo” Our Job, We Guarantee It!

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s what our clients’ dog’s poop should be. DoodyCalls is committed to always delivering the best in pet waste removal services so that you never have to think about it again. We are the most trusted dog poop removal company and are so confident you’ll be happy with our services; we back them with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The technicians are trained and field-tested in the art of pooper scooping and will doo a thorough job every time. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, just reach out to our friendly team within 24 hours of service and we’ll re-clean your property for free!

Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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