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Pet Parents: 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Bond with Your Pet

By DoodyCalls

The old saying is truer now than ever before, there is never enough time in the day. DoodyCalls understands that our customers are being pulled in a million different directions and often find themselves with very little time remaining to enjoy the company of their pets. Fortunately there are a few quick and easy ways that will allow you and your pet to bond, without feeling rushed. Amber Carlton, from Dogster, suggests that you and your dog make a game out of mealtimes. You can utilize this as a time to exercise your dog’s mind by requiring them to perform a trick or two prior to earning their meal, or you can even hide their food throughout the room to encourage them to exercise their bodies. At the very least, Carlton suggests that you find time for oxytocin-releasing touch, whether it be a pat on the head, or a full body pet massage, you’re sure to have tails wagging.

Doctor Karen B. LondonBark columnist and blogger, believes that just as clear communication is important for any human relationship, it is also critical for the bond between pet and human. Dr. London recommends that you also take into account how your emotions, tone and facial expressions might be perceived by your pet. Though they do not understand your words, they are often able to pick up on anger, sorrow and frustration by the way that you emote; so the calmer you are, the happier they will be in your presence. Finally, take the time to observe what your pet likes and dislikes. Allow this to help you when deciding which perfume to wear, or noise level to set your radio at. Your ability to perceive which sounds, touches, smells and tastes are a turn off to your dog, could earn you kibble, er, brownie points.

By utilizing these three quick and easy tips, you’ll find yourself feeling closer than ever to your pet.

  • Practice the power of touch – It’s not always easy to communicate to your pet, so learn to express your gratitude, praise and comfort in other ways that they’ll understand. You will both benefits by taking the time to run your fingers through their fur.
  • Play with food – Mealtime is a must, no matter how busy you are during the day. So put in a little extra time to either engage with your pet by turning this time into a training opportunity, or by getting playful with challenging food hiding toys.
  • Go exploring – A change in scenery will likely do you both some good, so hop in the car and head to a new park. Turn left when you usually would have turned right during your next walk.

Though a huge responsibility, pet ownership can be a very gratifying experience. The closer of a bond you and your pet share, the more you will enjoy each other’s company and forgive each other’s failings. Keep the above tips in mind the next time your dog chews a favorite shoe, or barks for no apparent reason – they might just be bored and looking for something to do.