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Pet Waste Station Services in North Tampa, FL

Transform Your Space and Ditch the Dog Waste Drama

We've all been there, hoping every pet parent is armed with poop bags, yet occasionally accidents happen! That's precisely where DoodyCalls® of North Tampa jumps in. We specialize in installing and maintaining pet waste stations across those dog doo hotspots - like community parks, neighborhood sidewalks, and business exteriors.

Our pet waste stations are a complete package, featuring a bag dispenser, a dedicated bin for disposal, and an informative sign making the "scoop your poop" rule a breeze for pet owners. But our service doesn’t just end with setting up. No, sir! We stay on top of the upkeep, ensuring you don't have to fret about it.

Eager to spearhead a tail-wagging transformation in your communal area? Contact us at (813) 940-4101 or send us a message online to explore the installation of a commercial dog waste station in North Tampa!

All-In-One Pet Waste Station Services in North Tampa

At DoodyCalls® of North Tampa, managing pet waste stations is our forte:

  • We not only set up the commercial waste station but also replace it as required

  • Our team empties the disposal bins regularly - weekly or even more frequently based on needs

  • We're committed to picking up and properly disposing of any waste found within a six-foot radius around the stations

  • We keep a close eye on station supplies to offer advice on service frequency

  • The bag dispensers are refilled weekly with our high-quality, durable waste bags

  • Routine maintenance tasks like oiling locks and tightening hardware are all part of the service

  • Uniquely, we also service pet waste stations even if they aren't from DoodyCalls®

  • Each community dog poop station includes a one-year warranty, covering maintenance such as tightening hardware, oiling locks, and repair work.

Beyond the warranty, we remain vigilant. Our team conducts thorough inspections to ensure the most effective solution for any wear and tear, be it repair or complete replacement. We're unwavering in our commitment to keep our stations in top condition.

Our Selection of Commercial Pet Waste Stations

With over twenty years of experience, exhaustive product trials, and heaps of feedback from our amazing customers, we faced the truth - the ideal pet waste station was yet to be built. Thus, we took the initiative! Infused with all the insights gathered, our exclusive and budget-friendly pet waste stations and bags were born.

Our range of stations varies in size, design, and color. DoodyCalls® stations are supported by 8-ft posts, available in both green and black. Our bestsellers are about six to seven feet tall post-installation, including the sign. For added durability and a splash of style, DoodyCalls® hardware is powder-coated, ensuring a match in color and a boost in visual appeal. Specific functionalities and features vary across different models. We invite you to reach out for a deep dive into our offerings!

What Makes a DoodyCalls® Pet Waste Station?

At DoodyCalls®, our goal is to provide the ultimate pet waste station solution for your community. That’s why we crafted what we think are the slickest stations and the most effective waste bags in the market. A typical pet waste station from DoodyCalls® includes:

  • Dog waste receptacle: A bin designed for dog waste disposal, equipped with a heavy-duty aluminum liner for durability and resistance to rust.

  • Station post: The backbone of the station, available in one-piece or two-piece designs, painted or powder-coated, and in various shapes. We use two-piece, powder-coated square posts for a mix of style, lightweight structure, and resistance to wear.

  • Dog waste bag dispenser: The hub for fresh dog waste bags, ready to dispense roll-style or header-style bags.

  • Station sign: Every station is accompanied by a friendly reminder for pet parents to clean up after their pooches.

For more info on how to keep your area clean and welcoming with our pet waste station services in North Tampa, feel free to contact us online or give us a call at (813) 940-4101.

Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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