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Commercial Pet Waste Removal Service in Kansas City, MO

Professional Services That Pick Up Where Pets Left Off

In bustling Kansas City, proper pet waste management is essential to preserving the city's beauty, safeguarding residents’ well-being, and upholding the reputation of retail centers, apartments, and office parks. This is where DoodyCalls of Kansas City steps in with our commercial services, transforming pet-friendly spaces into the cleanest locales. Our services are tailored to businesses, property managers, and municipalities.

The reality of unattended pet waste goes beyond a community eyesore; it poses significant health risks for humans and other animals. Bacteria and parasites commonly found in pet waste can contaminate soil and water, ultimately leading to the spread of diseases. Additionally, failure to address this issue can result in hefty fines for businesses.

For pet-friendly local businesses and shared community spaces, staying on top of pet waste management must be a crucial part of operations. We recommend service weekly, twice a week, or three times a week depending on your needs.

To keep your commercial space or common area looking and smelling great, contact our pet waste removal technicians at (877) 731-8818 or online today!

Our Commercial Services Include:

Pet Waste Station Installation and Maintenance

To encourage responsible pet ownership, DoodyCalls installs and maintains pet waste stations in public areas. These stations provide convenient disposal options for pet owners and help prevent the accumulation of waste in high-traffic areas. Regular maintenance ensures that stations remain fully stocked with bags and receptacles, promoting cleanliness and hygiene!

Common Area Waste Removal

DoodyCalls additionally offers common area waste removal services to commercial clients. This includes the removal of litter, debris, and other unsightly materials from sidewalks, pathways, and communal spaces. By keeping these areas clean and inviting, businesses can enhance the overall appearance of their properties and create a positive impression on visitors and tenants.

We Service a Variety of Property Types

Our team additionally offers common area commercial pet waste removal for:

  • Parks and pavilions
  • Shared outdoor spaces
  • Apartment courtyards
  • Hotel grounds

We understand the importance of maintaining clean and safe outdoor spaces. DoodyCalls of Kansas City remains committed to keeping our city clean, one scoop at a time.

Request a free quote here or call our team at (877) 731-8818 for help cleaning up after furry friends in public spaces.

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