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Pet Waste Station Services in Houston, TX

Curb Your Building’s Dog Poop Troubles For Good

We'd all like to believe that every pet owner is packing poop bags, but let's face it, some slip-ups happen. That's where DoodyCalls comes in, setting up and sustaining pet waste stations in areas that see more than their fair share of doggie business - think parks, residential streets, and company front yards.

Each pet waste station we install comes complete with a bag dispenser, a waste bin, and a sign, taking the hassle out of the "clean up after your pet" part of pet ownership. But we don't stop at the station setup! We're also on top of their upkeep so you don't have to be.

Ready to make a pawsitive change in your community space? Give us a ring at (281) 984-5918 or drop us a line online to chat about getting a commercial dog waste station installed!

Our Full-Service Pet Waste Station Solutions in Houston

At DoodyCalls® of Houston, we hold the leash on every aspect of our pet waste station services:

  • We set up the commercial waste station and swap it out if needed

  • We empty waste baskets on a weekly basis (or more if the situation calls for it)

  • We collect and dispose of any waste within a six-foot radius of the stations

  • We oversee station supplies to provide service frequency advice

  • We restock bag dispensers weekly with durable, top-tier waste bags

  • We oil locks and fasten hardware as needed

  • We service pet waste stations, even those not from DoodyCalls

  • Every community dog poop station comes with a one-year warranty and includes maintenance - think oiling locks, fastening hardware, and conducting necessary repairs.

Even after the warranty period, we're still on the job. Our dedicated team will inspect each station to find the best fix for any damage – be it repair or replacement. We're committed to making sure our stations stay up to snuff.

Our Commercial Pet Waste Station Options

After two decades in the game, extensive product testing, and input from our valued customers, we realized that the perfect pet waste station didn't exist – so we made it! We've poured all feedback into our exclusive and cost-effective pet waste stations and bags.

Our stations come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors. All DoodyCalls stations are mounted on 8-ft posts and come in green and black. Our top-selling stations stand six to seven feet tall (including the station sign), post-setup. DoodyCalls hardware is powder-coated for color matching and increased visual appeal. Functionality and features vary by model. Get in touch to discover all our options!

Components of a DoodyCalls Pet Waste Station

At DoodyCalls, we're committed to delivering the best possible pet waste station solution for your community. That's why we've designed what we consider to be the smartest stations and waste bags available. Pet waste stations comprise four primary components:

  • Dog waste receptacle: This bin for depositing dog waste includes a large plastic liner. It can be made from steel, plastic, or aluminum, and can either be lightweight or heavy-duty. DoodyCalls stations use heavy-duty aluminum for lasting use and rust-resistance.

  • Station post: This critical station component can be one-piece or two-piece, painted or powder-coated, and square, tubular, or U-channel. DoodyCalls stations feature two-piece, powder-coated, square posts for sleek aesthetics, lightweight design, and resistance to flaking.

  • Dog waste bag dispenser station: This is where owners grab new dog waste bags. The dispensers we install usually carry one of two types of bags: roll-style bags or header-style bags.

  • Station sign: All stations come with a friendly sign reminding dog owners to clean up after their furry friends.

Reach out to us online or by phone at (281) 984-5918 to learn more about our pet waste station services in Houston.

Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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