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Residential Pet Waste Removal Services

Keeping Houston Homes Clean & Eco-Friendly

Welcome to DoodyCalls® of Houston, the premier provider of residential dog waste cleanup and eco-friendly pet waste management solutions. Our mission is to ensure a clean, safe, and hygienic environment for you and your family, so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces without the hassle of pet waste. With our comprehensive services, we handle the dirty work, so you don't have to.

Comprehensive Pet Waste Removal Services

Our team of professional pooper scoopers is dedicated to providing exceptional pet waste removal services tailored to meet the unique needs of your home. We offer:

  • Year-round pooper scooper service
  • Customizable pet waste plans
  • Affordable pet waste removal pricing
  • Eco-friendly pet waste management

Whether you require a one-time cleanup or regular maintenance, we have the expertise and equipment to keep your yard pristine.

Dog Poop Disposal Solutions

At DoodyCalls® of Houston, we understand the importance of proper dog poop disposal. Our solutions are designed to:

  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Prevent the spread of disease
  • Keep local waterways clean

We utilize eco-friendly methods to ensure that the waste is disposed of responsibly, contributing to a healthier community and planet.

Customizable Pet Waste Plans

We believe that every household has unique needs when it comes to pet waste management. That's why we offer customizable plans that include:

  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Various service frequencies (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • Special accommodations for multiple pets

Receive a free quote online or call us at (281) 984-5918 to discuss your specific requirements and create a plan that works best for you and your pets.

DoodyCalls Residential Service Benefits

Choosing DoodyCalls® of Houston for your pet waste removal needs comes with a host of benefits:

  • Healthier outdoor spaces for your family and pets
  • More free time to enjoy your yard and outdoor activities
  • Reduction in unpleasant odors and unsightly waste
  • Peace of mind knowing your yard is professionally maintained

Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the leading pet waste removal company in Houston.

Pet Waste Station Maintenance

For communities with pet waste stations, DoodyCalls® of Houston offers comprehensive maintenance services. Our team will:

  • Regularly restock bags
  • Empty waste receptacles
  • Ensure stations are clean and functional

Maintaining these stations is essential for communal areas, and we are here to ensure that they are always ready for use by residents and their pets.

Community Pet Waste Management Education

Education is key to effective pet waste management. We provide resources and support to help educate the community on the importance of proper pet waste disposal. Our educational efforts aim to:

  • Encourage responsible pet ownership
  • Raise awareness about the environmental impact of pet waste
  • Offer tips for at-home pet waste management

Together, we can create a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone in Houston.

Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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