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Pet Waste Removal Services in Howard County

Keep Your Neighbor Clean with Professional Pet Waste Removal Services Throughout Howard County

Welcome to DoodyCalls of Howard County – your trusted solution for all your dog poop removal needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up after your furry companions as we proudly serve the residents and pet owners of Howard County (and surrounding areas) with our professional and efficient poop cleanup services. We understand the importance of a clean and safe outdoor environment for both you and your pets and our dedicated team is here to make that a reality. Let us handle the dirty work while you enjoy a pristine yard!

Take the first step towards a cleaner, healthier environment! Join us in keeping your surroundings pristine by scheduling our professional services today. Click here for a FREE quote!

What’s the Big Deal with Dog Poop?

Dog waste left unattended in your community can do more than just ruin the view. This poop party attracts unwelcome guests like heartworms, Parvovirus, E. Coli, and a motley crew of bacteria and parasites that just love crashing the scene. And guess what?

They don't stop at the backyard fence; they sneak into our water supply, ready to make humans and pets alike feel sick. Letting dog waste hang around means upping the contamination ante, so it's time to let DoodyCalls of Howard County handle the dog poop removal before this messy tale gets any scarier!

Our Pet Waste Removal Services

When it comes to pet waste removal services for your home or community, let us handle the dirty work. Choose from one-time and special event poop cleanup services to affordable weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services to best fit your needs. A clean community matters! We’ll handle pet waste station installation and maintenance and poop cleanup services for parks, businesses, apartment and condo communities, public spaces, and more.

DoodyCalls pet waste removal services are here for you throughout the year. We offer:

  • Weekly Pick-ups
  • Bi-weekly Pick-ups
  • Monthly
  • Custom Pick-up Schedules

Rescue Rangers at DoodyCalls!

Here at DoodyCalls, our squad of uniformed technicians will arrive like the poop-slaying champions they are and conquer the mess, transforming your yard or community space into a pristine oasis and giving you the peace of mind you deserve. No nook or cranny is spared as we meticulously scoop away every trace of those pesky poop piles, leaving your outdoor space immaculate.

Why Choose DoodyCalls?

Reliable and reputable: As a local, independently owned, and operated business, we take immense pride in our position as the premier dog poop scoop service in Howard County and its neighboring regions. We are proud to play a pivotal role in the community by ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for both pets and residents alike. Any location-specific information here - community organizations you support, etc.

  • For your peace of mind: Our professional team is uniformed, insured, and trained in the craft of pet waste removal.
  • Your pet's safety is always a priority: We use only pet-friendly products and methods to clean your yard and ensure gates and fencing are closed and latched upon our departure. No escape artists on our watch!

Contact us for a FREE quote or to address any inquiries. Together, let's provide a cleaner, more enjoyable environment for all our furry friends and community members!

Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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