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Responsible cleanup of pet waste in Frederick, MD: An environmental impact assessment

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Frederick, MD, has a significant environmental impact that is often overlooked; pet waste! In this blog post, we will explore why pet waste is bad for the environment in Frederick and the importance of responsible cleanup practices. Help us protect Frederick's natural resources by joining us in taking action and learning why cleaning up after your furry friend is not only responsible but essential.

Pollution in water

If left on the ground, rainwater can wash pet waste away and into storm drains, rivers, and streams. This waste contains bacteria like E. coli and fecal coliforms and parasites like roundworms and giardia. These pollutants endanger aquatic ecosystems and can contaminate drinking water sources when entering our water bodies. Proper cleanup and disposal of pet waste are essential to safeguard Frederick's waterways from pollution.

Excess of nutrients

Pet waste contains essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, which promote plant growth. Yet when large quantities are accumulated in outdoor spaces, it can throw the local ecosystem out of balance. When rain falls, these nutrients are washed into nearby water sources, leading to an abundance of algae and aquatic plant life - a process called eutrophication that decreases oxygen levels and harms fish and other aquatic organisms. By properly disposing of pet waste, we can help keep Frederick's natural environment in a healthy state.

Land impact

Pet waste left behind on the ground is a source of soil pollution, releasing bacteria and parasites that can linger for long periods and put people and other animals at risk. In places like parks or recreational areas, contact with contaminated grounds can result in unknown exposure to health hazards. To reduce this risk, we must take responsibility by employing biodegradable bags for cleanup and ensuring pet waste is placed in proper bins.

Quality of air

You may not know, but pet waste can affect air quality. When the waste material is decomposed, it emits gases such as ammonia with strong smells. This is known to decrease air quality for people and animals in the vicinity, particularly in busy locations like Frederick. If left unchecked, this could result in poor air quality, affecting outdoor recreational activities. Therefore, by picking up after our pets, we can help ensure fresh air stays in the area.

Wildlife impact

Wildlife is an integral part of Frederick's ecosystem, and pet waste can pose severe risks to their health. Animals, including birds and small mammals, may mistake it for food and ingest it, resulting in digestive troubles and nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, the bacteria and parasites present in pet waste might lead to infection and ailments in wildlife. We can help ensure that our area's diverse wildlife remains healthy by cleaning up after our pets and discarding their waste correctly.

The responsibility of pet owners in Frederick for proper cleanup and disposal of pet waste is crucial. This way, we can ensure the well-being of wildlife, protect water quality, maintain ecological balance, and contribute to preserving our city's natural resources. Our beloved Frederick, MD, needs to be kept clean and sustainable, so let's come together as responsible pet owners.

The DoodyCalls team specializes in pet waste cleanup, providing reliable and efficient services to keep your outdoor spaces free of pet waste. Together, let's keep Frederick beautiful and environmentally friendly by partnering with us. Visit our website today to schedule an appointment and positively impact the environment.