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Efficient Dog Waste Cleanup Services

We love our dogs. So much so that nearly 40% of households in the United States have at least one dog! That equates to 69 million homes and about 89 million dogs! The average dog produces about three-quarters of a pound of waste per day. Add that up for the year, and you're looking at 275 pounds of poop per dog. For many, that waste ends up in the backyard, and when not picked up, it can take up to 12 months to fully break down. While we all adore our furry friends, no one enjoys dealing with the mess they leave behind!

So what happens when waste is left unattended?

  • Environmental Impact of Neglected Pet Waste - No matter how healthy your pet is, things like bacteria, worms, and other parasites thrive in waste. When that waste is washed away by rainwater, it can flow into drainage systems or end up in bodies of water like lakes and rivers.
  • Risks to Family and Neighbors from Pet Waste - For many, backyards are a place for hosting guests and having fun with friends and family. The last thing you want is someone stepping on dog poop. Plus, dog feces can transfer dangers, including giardia, ringworm, and E coli. If a guest or neighbor brings their pet to your yard, they can be exposed and possibly get sick.
  • Health Hazards for Pets from Their Own Waste - When pets are sick, contaminants can pass through droppings and into your yard. The longer a dog's infected waste stays in the ground, the higher the chance that your dog can catch infection again.
  • How Pet Waste Affects Your Lawn's Health - There's a common misconception that pet waste works as a fertilizer, but that's not the case. Dog poop contains high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen, which can cause a yard to brown over time. Plus, your yard can hold on to the odor of pet waste and leave a lingering smell.

These risks and consequences associated with leaving dog poop to sit in our yards are alarming, especially when you consider it's another added chore on your long to-do lists!

Choose DoodyCalls for Reliable Pet Waste Cleanup

When we take our dogs on walks or in public spaces, we know to pick up after them with a poop bag. Even more importantly, under District law, all dog walkers are required to pick up their dogs' poop!

But when they use the bathroom in our backyards, it's easier to "pick it up later." Plus, when we add in a busy schedule or foggy morning brain, waste is more likely to be forgotten! Thanks to the modern-day convenience of outsourcing tasks, pet waste removal companies like DoodyCalls of Northern Virginia can step in and handle your dog's business. That's right; we scoop poop!

Our team offers Washington, D.C., area residents the option of weekly, bi-weekly, and one-time cleanups. Whether you're looking for routine or monthly pickups, our professional poop scoopers are ready to help. We'll walk your yard (twice) in a grid-like pattern to ensure droppings aren't missed. Our equipment and dog waste bags are used correctly, making our process completely sanitary. For pet owners with yards that need a little extra TLC, our additional services include:

  • Eliminate Odors with Our Yard Deodorizing Service: Overwhelming odors on a patio, deck, or sidewalk caused by dog waste and urine can be bothersome. To tackle these pet odors, we use a natural cleaning solution that's tough on enzymes yet gentle on the surface of your patio or deck. It might take several treatments for tougher odors to remove the smell, but everyone will appreciate this service once done.

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Why Trust DoodyCalls for Your Pet Waste Needs?

Trusting someone to enter your yard is a big deal, especially since homeowners don't have to be home for us to complete services. Finding a professional service with friendly technicians, clean vehicles and equipment, and a satisfaction guarantee is essential! Thanks to over 20 years of industry experience, DoodyCalls has become a top choice for metro area pet waste removal.

When a technician arrives at your home, you can expect them to be in a company uniform and branded vehicle— giving you a clear picture of who's coming to your home. All DoodyCalls employees are background-checked and will disinfect tools between cleanings so contaminants aren't transferred between yards.

Comprehensive Pet Waste Solutions for Communities

Beyond residential services, the team at DoodyCalls provides services for apartments, HOAs, parks, commercial spaces, and more! If your community allows pets, you need solutions for pet waste. By hiring a professional pet waste management service, your properties can benefit from common area cleanup, pet waste removal, dog waste bags, and pet waste station installation and management. Providing common areas with pet waste solutions ensures your community stays clean and sanitary.

Get your property picture-perfect and start your pick up! Give us a call at 703-496-5063 or request a free quote today!

Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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