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DoodyCalls Finds a Calling in Cleaning the Potomac Watershed

By DoodyCalls of Northern VA

Each Spring, the team at DoodyCalls Northern Virginia and Central Maryland join together to take part in Potomac Watershed Clean Up Day. This annual event takes place at various points along the almost 15,000 miles of watershed that spans through the District of Columbia and parts of four states including Maryland and Virginia, before flowing into the Chesapeake Bay. Not only does the clean-up effort help to make the environment more beautiful for the surrounding communities, it’s also critical in creating a cleaner, healthier environment for the fish and wildlife habitats that live in and around the watershed itself.

DoodyCalls has taken part in this special event for several years, gathering local team members together to volunteer their time and energy to this cause. They spend a morning walking along one of the designated watershed sites, carefully looking for trash and debris. After more than 20 years in the poop business, the DoodyCalls team are experts in identifying waste, cleaning up, and restoring the environment to its natural state. In addition, our team members have fun while they work! This special day gives us occasion to gather and join forces to do something good for us and for others.

Potomac Watershed Clean Up Day has a lasting, positive impact on the community while also aligning with DoodyCalls core values of High Integrity, Ethical and Servant Leadership, Humility, Respect, Be Kind, Bound Together, and Deliver WOW. The DoodyCalls team prides itself in always taking responsibility and leading with a mind towards service and humility. We understand that we are stronger together then as individuals alone and we are always looking for opportunities to go above and beyond. Being kind and showing respect are not only values we extend towards others, but to ourselves and the environment and communities we live and work in.

We hope you’ll join us for a Potomac Watershed Clean Up Day this year or in the years to come. Click here to learn more and register today: