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Common Area Pet Waste Removal Services in Bergen & Passaic Counties

Addressing Dog Poop as a Community Problem

Truth be told, dealing with dog poop is not a fan favorite among community residents or business goers. Despite having pet waste stations installed, inevitably, you will find dog poop scattered in various places. If you're seeking an alternative to your staff or a landscaper constantly picking up dog poop around a commercial property, shared space, or whole community, look no further than DoodyCalls. We make it our mission to keep your grounds spotless and safe for everyone to enjoy.

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Our Expertise

We take pride in serving diverse commercial clients, ranging from HOAs to breweries to public parks. We provide dog poop pickup for commercial properties and additional cleanup services, like rinsing off sidewalks. Your local DoodyCalls pet waste removal team is on standby, ready to spring into action whenever you require our services - be it twice a week, weekly, or custom intervals.

Explore our other commercial services, such as eliminating waste from different animals and installing pet waste stations. Services may vary by location as each one is a locally owned and operated unit.

How Our Common Area Waste Removal Service Works

When requested for common area pet waste removal services, DoodyCalls technicians diligently inspect every nook and cranny, ensuring a thorough patrol of the entire area including:

  • Paths

  • Patios and lots

  • Pool areas

  • Playgrounds

  • Lawns

  • Fields and sports fields

  • Any other areas where pets are likely to do their “business”

We double-bag all waste (including any trash we may find), and then either dispose of it in your bins or haul it away – according to your preference. Since we rigorously clean our shoes and tools between services, we eliminate any chances of adding to the mess or potential health risks, ensuring a comprehensive solution!

What Frequency Do I Need?

Commercial dog poop scooper services can be employed once, twice, or thrice a week. If you're observing a considerable amount of dog poop in your community areas, we suggest having a DoodyCalls team attend to it at least once a week. This counteracts the "pile-on effect," which happens when people neglect cleaning up after their dogs because they spot existing waste in the area.

We can have a discussion about your requirements and understand more about your property to recommend a custom service frequency. The frequency can also be adjusted after a few sessions, based on the specifics of your community.

Connect with us online or by calling (201) 355-0821 to learn more about our common area pet waste removal services in NE New Jersey.

Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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