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Pet Waste Station Services in Katy, TX

The Best Solution for Managing Dog Poop Issues in Your Building

Wouldn’t it be lovely if every pet parent was always armed with poop bags? In reality, it’s not the case, and let’s be honest, accidents happen. That's where the DoodyCalls crew steps into the picture, installing and maintaining pet waste stations in places that frequently experience a bit too much doggie doo-doo – public parks, neighborhood sidewalks and business premises.

Each pet waste station we set up is equipped with a bag dispenser, a waste bin, and a sign, taking the phrase "clean up after your pet" to a whole new level. And guess what? The party doesn't end at the station setup! We're all over their maintenance, so you don’t have to be.

Keen on making a 'pawsome' improvement in your community space? Call us at (281) 712-2392 or reach out to us online to discuss how we can get a commercial dog waste station up and running in your area!

Our Comprehensive Pet Waste Station Solutions in Katy

At DoodyCalls® of Katy, we take full control of every aspect of our pet waste station services:

  • We establish the commercial waste station and replace it when necessary

  • We clear out waste baskets weekly (or more often if required)

  • We pick up and dispose of any waste within a six-foot radius of the stations

  • We manage station supplies to give recommendations on service frequency

  • We refill bag dispensers weekly with robust, high-quality waste bags

  • We lubricate locks and secure hardware as needed

  • We look after pet waste stations, even those not from DoodyCalls

  • All our community dog poop stations come with a one-year warranty that includes maintenance - think lubricating locks, securing hardware, and performing required repairs.

Even after the warranty period, we're still on guard. Our devoted team will examine each station to determine the best solution for any damage – whether it's repair or replacement. We're dedicated to ensuring our stations remain top-notch.

Our Commercial Pet Waste Station Options

Two decades of experience, comprehensive product trials, and feedback from our valued clients led us to a conclusion: the ideal pet waste station didn’t exist – so we created it! Every piece of input has informed our distinctive and economical pet waste stations and bags.

Our stations come in all shapes and sizes, and colors. All DoodyCalls stations are fixed on 8-ft posts and available in green and black. Our best-selling stations stand six to seven feet tall (including the station sign), post-assembly. DoodyCalls hardware is powder-coated for color coordination and enhanced appeal. Functionality and features vary by model. Connect with us to uncover all our options!

The Anatomy of a DoodyCalls Pet Waste Station

At DoodyCalls, we strive to provide the finest pet waste station solutions for your community. That’s why we’ve engineered what we believe to be the most intelligent stations and waste bags on the market. Pet waste stations consist of four main components:

  • Dog waste bin: This receptacle for dog waste comes with a sizable plastic liner. DoodyCalls stations use durable aluminum, ensuring longevity and rust-resistance.

  • Station post: DoodyCalls stations feature two-piece, powder-coated, square posts for an attractive look, lightweight design, and flake-resistance.

  • Dog waste bag dispenser: This is where pet owners snag new dog waste bags. Our dispensers cater to two types of bags: roll-style or header-style.

  • Station sign: Every station is equipped with a friendly sign reminding pet owners that it’s time to clean up after their beloved pets.

Give us a shout online or dial us at (281) 712-2392 to learn more about our pet waste station services in Katy.

Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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