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Pet Waste Station Services in Austin, TX

Effective & Hassle Free Pet Waste Cleanup for Commercial Spaces 

At DoodyCalls® of Austin, we understand that responsible pet ownership goes hand-in-hand with cleaning up after your dog. However, as unexpected situations arise, and that's where DoodyCalls® of Austin comes in! We provide pet waste station installation and maintenance services across Austin, making it easier for dog owners to dispose of waste properly.

Our pet waste stations are strategically placed in all types of commercial spaces including parks, apartment complexes, and businesses – anywhere dog owners frequently visit. Each station features a poop bag dispenser, a waste bin, and a friendly sign reminding everyone to be a good pet parent!

Full-Service Pet Waste Station Management

DoodyCalls® of Austin goes beyond just installing pet waste stations. We handle the entire process, ensuring a worry-free experience for you!

Our services include:

  • Professional installation: We'll place the stations strategically for maximum accessibility and impact.
  • Regular service: We'll empty the waste bins according to a customized schedule, keeping your property clean and odor-free.
  • Waste disposal: We'll responsibly dispose of collected waste, ensuring it's handled in an eco-friendly manner.
  • Inventory management: We'll keep the bag dispensers stocked, preventing disruptions and ensuring pet owners have what they need.
  • Station maintenance: We'll perform regular maintenance checks, including lubricating locks and tightening hardware.

We even offer services for existing pet waste stations, regardless of the brand!

Our Commercial Pet Waste Station Options:

  • The Streamlined Master Chief™: Ideal for high-traffic areas with its compact design featuring a bag dispenser on a pole with a clear waste disposal message.
  • The Value-Packed Commander®: Our most popular choice, the Commander® offers a waste receptacle alongside the bag dispenser, making it perfect for large common areas and walking trails.
  • The Attractive Admiral®: This heavy-duty option is perfect for high-density communities where aesthetics and odor control are priorities. The Admiral® features a mailbox-style trash slot to prevent overflowing waste and unwanted items.

We offer all our stations in green or black to seamlessly integrate with the unique character of Austin's neighborhoods.

High-Quality & Durable Pet Waste Station Components

DoodyCalls® of Austin uses high-quality materials to ensure our pet waste stations withstand Austin's weather conditions and constant use. 

Here's a breakdown of the key components:

  • Dog Waste Receptacle: Made from heavy-duty aluminum for extra strength and rust-resistance, this bin features a large plastic liner for easy waste disposal.
  • Station Post: Our two-piece, powder-coated, square posts provide a sturdy backbone for the station while offering a sleek, modern look.
  • Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Station: Choose from roll-style or header-style dispensers to accommodate your preference and usage patterns.
  • Station Sign: A friendly and clear sign reminds pet owners to clean up after their pups, promoting responsible pet ownership in Austin.

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Enjoy a clean & odor-free property! Contact us at (512) 890-0734 or online to get a free quote for pet waste station installation in Austin, TX!

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