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3 Ways to Help Your Dog Beat the Summer Heat

By DoodyCalls

DoodyCalls pet waste technicians are out and about, scooping up the poop year-round. For many of us though, summer is our favorite season. We just love seeing our favorite four-legged friends bounding about their yards and enjoying the dog days of summer with their owners. Whether it be going for a run, stopping by the pool for a quick dip, or running leash free at the dog park, our dog customers know how to have fun!

Though summer is a fun time of year for dog owners, as temperatures rise however, we are presented with a unique set of challenges. DoodyCalls is proud to be able to bring you tips from the experts on how to keep your dog safe during the summer heat.

In a great article from Cesar’s Way, Andrew Kaleita points out that keeping your dog out of hot cars isn’t the only way to keep them safe this summer. You should also be cognizant of an increase in parasites and the possibility for a flare up of seasonal allergies. Speak with your vet about the best protection against fleas, ticks and allergies. Kaleita also cautions you to take note of how dangerous objects like fireworks and campfire brush may take on the appearance of toys to your dog. Speaking of fireworks, Kaleita also asks that you to be aware of an increased opportunity for your dog to run off and get lost this summer. This could happen after being spooked by 4th of July festivities, or even while on vacation. Leash your dog when possible and take the precaution of micro-chipping, in case your dog does make a run for it.

The friendly folks at the Association for Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) recommend that you resist the urge to shave your dog down for the summer. While grooming your pup to remove any dead undercoat hair is fine, they warn that completely shaving your dog “inhibits their ability to deal with the temperature change.” Instead, they suggest that you cover your dog with a pet-friendly sunscreen before they spend any long stretches of time outdoors. APDT also asks that you be aware of the sensitivity that your dog’s paws will have to the cement and asphalt. If it’s too hot for you to go barefoot, then it’s likely too hot for them as well. Instead, they recommend that you plan walks for the early morning or evening hours. Another option would be to skip the hard surfaces completely and instead stick to the grass.

DoodyCalls recommends that you take the following three steps to prevent your dog from suffering under the summer sun this year.

  • Bring on the H20– Dehydration is a summertime risk for dogs and humans alike. Always have a fresh and unlimited supply of water available for you dog, both indoors and outdoors. If you fear that your dog isn’t drinking enough, you may want to consider adding ice cubes, or frozen broth to the mix in order to encourage them to hydrate.
  • Stick to the Grass – When possible, walk your dog through grass, so as to avoid their sensitive paw pads suffering from burns brought on by hot cement or asphalt. Alternatively, plan your walks for the early morning or evening hours when you can both enjoy a stroll without the discomfort of direct sunlight.
  • Avoid Bad Car-ma- Even with the windows cracked, studies have shown that your vehicle quickly turns into an oven as the sun beats down on it. If you need to make a pit stop, please bring your dog inside with you.

Even with the best of intentions, heat stroke can still take hold of our dog in the summer. If you fear that your dog may be suffering, please check out APDT’s list of symptoms and recommends on what actions to take next. If symptoms persist, it’s always a good idea to seek medical assistance from your veterinarian. We at DoodyCalls, hope that you and your pets enjoy a very safe and fun summer season!