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Scooping Like a Professional Pooper Scooper

By DoodyCalls

How do I clean dog poop from my yard?

OK – We understand – you want to learn to scoop poop like the pros. The tips below will help you to more thoroughly, efficiently, and enjoyably clean dog poop from your yard.

Buy the right dog poop scooping tools

Tool to hold the scooped poop

  • Lobby dust pan, Rubbermaid
  • Jumbo Debris Lobby Dust Pan, Delamo
  • 13 gallon trash bag

Tool to scoop the poop

  • Small shrub rake
  • Small blade shovel

You have the right tools and you are ready to clean your yard

Set up the dog poop scooping tools

Line the lobby dust pan with the garbage bag and start scooping! The shovel works great for wet waste or when the dog waste may be frozen to the ground. The rake works well when the waste is between rocks or on standard grass.

Find the poop

Walk the yard in a grid like pattern – first side to side, and the up and down. Practice using your peripheral vision. We find it’s easier to find poop on a hill when you are looking up towards the top of the hill than from the top down.

Bag the poop

Take the bag out of the dust pan. It will probably be torn a little bit. Place that bag into a fresh 13 gallon bag and tie with an overhand knot.

Congratulations – You’re a Pro!