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Volunteers Pick up After Dogs in Elk Meadow

By DoodyCalls

DoodyCalls Press Release: 9/28/16

Picking up dog poop may not be anyone’s idea of how to spend a lovely fall day, but that’s just what Craig Hammer had in mind when he volunteered for the Jefferson County Open Space “Let’s Doo It” program to clean up the Elk Meadow dog off-leash park in Evergreen.

Hammer, owner of DoodyCalls Denver – the nation’s trusted leader in pet waste removal services – together with other enthusiastic volunteers, collected more than 400 pounds of dog poop on Saturday, September 24. They also provided educational materials emphasizing important health issues associated with pet waste.

“It was National Public Lands Day, so it was definitely part of a greater cause,” said Hammer.

There are now more than 77 million dogs in the U.S., and each one contributes an average of three-quarters of a pound of waste each. What first appears as a small amount quickly adds up.

“People are better at cleaning up after their pets than they once were, but if we could pick up 424 pounds in one afternoon imagine the scale of the problem across the country,” said Hammer. “At DoodyCalls we have experienced teams removing pet waste in many states. If others would get on board we could make a huge impact at all of our parks and public spaces.”