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Dog Owners: 5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

By DoodyCalls

Friday, August 26th is National Dog Day. It’s the perfect day to set aside some time to appreciate man (and woman’s)

best friend. Created by Colleen Paige, one of America’s leading pet and family lifestyle experts, National Dog Day was formed for the love of dogs and their advocates. Paige suggests 20 fantastic ways to celebrate dogs and all that they bring to our life. Being dog lovers ourselves, DoodyCalls would like to add the following five items to the list.

  1. Schedule a Trip to the Veterinarian – Dogs are proven to improve the health of their owners, so as dog owners, we should do all we can to also keep our furry friends healthy. This also gives you a great opportunity to ensure your dog is micro chipped, and update the chip’s information as needed.
  2. Create an Emergency Pet Plan – Life happens. Though we hate to think about the worst case scenario, it’s good to be prepared for such occasions as natural disasters or house fires. You might have a general idea of what you’ll do in the case of an emergency, but is your dog and their needs factored into your plan? Set aside the time on National Dog Day to firm up your escape plan and put together an emergency doggy bag.
  3. Beat the Heat – For most of the country, the end of August is often one of the hottest points of the summer. Both you and your dog have each been doing everything you can to stay cool and beat the heat this summer. Treat yourself on National Dog Day with a trip to the shore with your dog. Tails will be wagging at the first sign of a beach bag. These tips will help keep your dog safe in the water while you havefun splashing around.
  4. Enjoy Unconditional Love – Dogs love us with all of their hearts, while expecting very little in return. Take the time to appreciate your dog on National Dog Day. Whether it be bonding during a walk around the neighborhood, or even a special dog-friendly vacation, your dog will appreciate any and all time spent with you.
  5. Pick up the Poop– Your dog likely loves stretching their legs in your yard. Just as we like to keep our living spaces waste free and enjoyable, your dog will appreciate the same. By scheduling a good yard cleaning you will not only be decreasing the opportunity for harmful bacteria to take root in your soil, but you’ll also be eliminating a food source for rodents. Pet poop happens to be their favorite treats. Gross, we know. Not up for a day spent picking up the poop? Call DoodyCalls and schedule your one time cleaning today. If you love us, we would be happy to come by on a regular basis to turn your yard into an oasis.

How do you intend to spend National Dog Day? Please share photos on our social pages. We would love to see the fun you and your four-legged friend are having.