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Dog Owners: 3 Important Tips When Introducing Your Newborn to Fido

By DoodyCalls

As a pregnant woman, and dog owner, you are making a lot of plans for what’s to come; preparing your dog to meet your newborn is one of them. DoodyCalls understands how important this transition is, so we’ve gathered information from the experts to assist you in introducing your fur-baby to your bundle of joy.

Kate Reilly, from American Baby Magazine, wrote “Preparing Your Dog for Baby” published by Parents Magazine  regarding how best to prepare your dog for the ultimate introduction of your newborn. She recommended that you begin preparing early by enrolling your dog in some basic obedience training as well as giving him, or her, exposure to little ones as soon as you find out you’re expecting. Kate takes you through various stages of preparedness by outlining what is important to tackle at three months before your due date up until after the baby is born. She will have you and your dog prepared for everything from taking walks with a stroller, to setting up boundaries for when your baby is brought home.

The “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan is no stranger to preparing parents-to-be in the art of becoming a pack leader prior to the arrival of their little one and has tackled the subject on his website “Cesar’s Way” in the article, “Introducing Your Dog to Your Baby.”  Cesar puts a strong focus on being aware of your energy and actions through the process. He instructs new parents on how to establish boundaries both within the nursery, as well as around the new child. Cesar notes that it is equally important to teach your child, at an early age, how to behave appropriately around a dog so as not to provoke any unwanted reactions.

Drawing on these two articles, as well as our knowledge of just how busy our customers are, we have identified three actions items that will help you and your partner prepare your dog for the arrival of your baby.

  • Start Preparing Early – As soon as you know you’re pregnant, begin preparing your fur baby to meet your new baby with any needed obedience training and exposing your dog to the unpredictability of children.
  • Have a Plan – By identifying who is responsible for taking care of your dog when the baby arrives, you will be better prepared for the big day.
  • Establish Boundaries – Bring home one of your baby’s blankets and prepare your dog for their scent, as well as how close Fido is allowed to get to your baby and his, or her, belongings.

As a new mom and devoted fur-mom, following the above advice will help you gain harmony among both of your children when the day comes to unite as one big happy family. One final thought to consider is what is being tracked into your house after you’ve been out in the yard with your dog. If you’re fearful that harmful bacteria is being tracked onto your floors, DoodyCalls is here to help. We know how important it is to keep your baby safe and clean as she begins to explore her new world.