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How does pet waste affect your yard

A woman cleans up dog poop on the lawn in the yard of the house. Territory cleaning.

We all love our pets, but we don’t necessarily love everything that comes out of them. Every dog poops and that waste has to go somewhere. Out of convenience, many of us let our furry friends pop outside to the backyard, and we plan to pick up their mess later, but we don’t always get to the clean-up right away. However, many owners may not realize how their dog’s waste negatively impacts their property.

What is dog waste doing to your grass? Dog poop is nothing like cow manure when it comes to your grass. Pet waste contains large amounts of nitrogen due to your dog’s high protein diet, and this nitrogen kills grass over time. Though grass does need small doses of nitrogen, too much burns the grass and creates those unsightly brown dead patches.

This burning process does not happen instantly but occurs as the dog poops sit over time. The longer the waste sits, it has time to break down and spread into the soil. This process can happen even quicker if your area is experiencing heavy amounts of rain that breakdown the feces.

What is dog waste growing in your grass? Dog waste not only kills your grass, but it can bring an unwelcome visitor along with it. With large amounts of nitrogen come toxic fungi. For those seeking a lush and safe lawn, dangerous fungus isn’t an option. Aside from it being an unattractive blimp on your green space, it’s not something you want your pet to ingest. When your dog ingests these mushrooms, they may experience vomiting, seizures and possibly fall into a coma. Be wary of any mushrooms growing in the areas of your yard where your pet frequents and properly research your fungi prior to removal.

How to protect your lawn. Avoid mowing your lawn until it’s clear of dog poop. If you cut your lawn when pet waste is in it, you’ll spread it and its nitrogen around the yard. This will increase the chances of fungal growth, grass burning and dead patches from the chemical.

Individuals should also do their best to clean up their dog’s poop as quickly as possible. But at DoodyCalls, we know that’s not always easy, so we’re here to help! Call (919) 373-3389 or check out our website to utilize our residential services. Create a pet waste removal schedule that works for your or take advantage of our on-demand services for those instances you don’t have time to pick up your dog’s poop to protect your lawn.