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The environmental impact of dog waste in Wake County

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Dog waste – it’s every owner’s least favorite part of their furry best friend, and it can be difficult to keep up with how much your dog puts out! Between games of fetch, puppy play dates at the dog park and long walks, it’s easy to let pet waste pile up in your yard or leave pet waste while out and about. Aside from the piles being unsightly and tedious to clean up, the environmental impact of putting off that cleanup in Wake County may be more than most owners realize.

We think it’s natural, but it’s not. It’s logical to think that since wild animals poop in their environment and leave it that we can do the same with our dog waste, but there is a difference. Since wild animals eat food found in their environment, when they defecate, they are returning nutrients that already exist in that environment and do not disrupt it. Our dogs, however, eat pet food that causes their poop to contain high amounts of nutrients, bacteria, parasites and viruses that can be introduced to the environment and harm the existing ecosystem. And we want to protect our beautiful places to enjoy nature around Raliegh, NC.

Dog waste does not decompose. We have all thought it’s safe to leave the yard clean up for another day or left a pile while on a walk, thinking the poop will break down in the rain. Though heavy rain will break down the waste, it won't entirely get rid of it and will instead drain the harmful nutrients, bacteria, parasites and viruses found in the feces into the soil and water sources, such as rivers and creeks.

How can we help? Always be prepared when out and about with your four-legged friend by grabbing a substantial amount of poop bags. Even if your dog happens to relieve itself off the trail or path, it’s important to always pick it up because its waste is not natural to the environment. Remember to dispose of your poop bags in a trash can.

Help out your Wake County community and reduce pet waste in your community by utilizing DoodyCalls’ Commercial Services! Our team will install pet waste stations in your community and empty them weekly and dispose of any pet waste left around them! We’ll even handle the waste removal in your chosen common areas. To reduce the amount of pet waste at your Wake County home, DoodyCalls also offers Residental Services! We’ll have pet waste removal experts take care of your yard, so you can do your part to protect the environment while taking one more thing off your to-do list!