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Pet Waste Station Services in Orlando, FL

Elevate Your Community with Top-Notch Pet Waste Station Services

Ever found yourself wishing every dog owner came prepared with their own poop bags, only to discover the odd unwanted surprise on the sidewalk? That's where we, at DoodyCalls of Orlando, come into the picture! Specializing in pet waste stations, we're here to tackle those troubling spots in community parks, along neighborhood paths, and outside businesses where our furry friends might leave a little something behind.

Our service offers more than just installing pet waste stations; we provide a comprehensive solution that includes a bag dispenser, a waste bin specifically designed for pet refuse, and a friendly reminder sign encouraging pet owners to do their part. But our involvement doesn't stop there. We're also committed to the ongoing maintenance of these stations, ensuring that you never have to stress over them.

Ready to transform your communal space into a cleaner, more pleasant area for everyone? Get in touch with us at (407) 807-6312 or drop us a message online to find out more about getting a pet waste station set up in Orlando!

Comprehensive Pet Waste Station Services in Orlando

Why choose DoodyCalls of Orlando for pet waste station services? Because we excel in:

  • Not just installing, but also regularly replacing the pet waste station as needed
  • Emptying the bins on a schedule that suits you, be it weekly or more often
  • Removing any pet waste found within a six-foot radius of the station, ensuring cleanliness
  • Monitoring supplies closely to advise on the optimal service frequency
  • Refilling the bag dispensers with our premium, sturdy waste bags every week
  • Performing routine maintenance tasks, from oiling locks to tightening any loose parts
  • Offering service for pet waste stations of any brand, not just DoodyCalls®
  • Providing a one-year warranty for each station that includes maintenance and repair services.

We don’t just rest on our laurels after the warranty period; our team rigorously inspects and maintains the pet waste stations to ensure they continue to serve your community well, addressing any issues with either repair or replacement as needed.

Explore Our Premium Selection of Commercial Pet Waste Stations

Armed with two decades of experience, endless testing, and invaluable customer feedback, we faced a truth - the perfect pet waste station hadn’t been created. Until now. Inspired by this realization, we designed our own exclusive, budget-friendly pet waste stations and bags.

Our selection includes various sizes, designs, and colors to choose from, with DoodyCalls® stations mounted on 8-ft posts in either green or black. Our most popular models stand six to seven feet tall after installation, sign included, and are adorned with powder-coated hardware for added durability and aesthetic appeal. Each model features its own unique benefits, and we’d love to help you explore which is right for your space!

The Composition of DoodyCalls® Pet Waste Stations

We're on a mission to offer the ultimate solution in pet waste station services, which is why we've developed some of the most efficient stations and bags on the market. A typical DoodyCalls® station boasts:

  • A dedicated dog waste bin: Designed specifically for pet waste, our bins come with heavy-duty aluminum liners, ensuring longevity and resistance to rust.
  • A robust station post: Available in one or two piece designs, our posts are either painted or powder-coated and come in a variety of shapes, with the two-piece, powder-coated square posts providing a stylish yet durable option.
  • A user-friendly dog waste bag dispenser: Always stocked and ready to dispense either roll-style or header-style bags.
  • An informative station sign: A gentle nudge for pet parents to remember their clean-up duties.

For more info on how to keep your area clean and welcoming with our pet waste station services in Orlando, feel free to contact us online or give us a call at (407) 807-6312.

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