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What is green infrastructure and can it decrease pollution in Jacksonville rivers?

Woman walking her dog by the ocean

In green infrastructure, natural and vegetative systems are integrated into urban environments to manage water and improve environmental quality. One of the many issues that green infrastructure can help address today is dog waste pollution (and dog waste removal) in Jacksonville's rivers and waterways. This type of infrastructure can provide multiple benefits and also attempts to mimic water's natural cycle.

Pet waste is not something to take lightly, as it can cause significant water pollution due to the bacteria and nutrients it holds. This contamination can pose risks to human health if the water comes in contact with those participating in activities such as swimming, boating, or water skiing, and may even be accidentally ingested. If left unchecked, pet waste that enters Jacksonville's stormwater system can make its way into local streams, rivers, and other bodies of water, leading to adverse environmental impacts in our community.33163445 - senior woman walking her dog

By reducing the amount of dog waste entering waterways, improving water quality, and helping dog waste removal in Jacksonville, green infrastructure can provide a solution. Here's how:

Stormwater Systems: Rain gardens and green roofs are examples of green infrastructure systems that capture and filter stormwater runoff before it reaches streams and rivers, without items such as pet waste. Water quality is improved by removing pollutants from the soil and using vegetation. It is also possible, and a good idea, to capture and filter pet waste before it reaches the stormwater systems by placing rain gardens near pet waste stations or parks.

Parks and Green Spaces: As a result of creating more green spaces and parks for dogs to play and exercise, pet owners, are less likely to allow their dogs to relieve themselves on streets and sidewalks, resulting in a reduction in the amount of pet waste entering the stormwater system. Additionally, placing pet waste stations in parks and green spaces can encourage pet owners to properly dispose of their dogs' waste, helping dog waste removal in Jacksonville, and reducing the amount that reaches waterways.

Fertilizers: Dog waste quality can be improved by using natural fertilizers in parks and green spaces. This reduces the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil, lowering the amount of these nutrients that enter waterways. It has also been shown that native vegetation can reduce the number of harmful bacteria in pet waste, reducing the risk of waterborne illness.

In addition to providing environmental benefits, green infrastructure has economic and social benefits as well. Communities, for example, can improve health and well-being by creating more green spaces and parks, and encouraging physical activity and social interaction. Building and maintaining green spaces can also increase property values, boost local economies, and create jobs.

In order to improve urban environments and address environmental problems, communities can benefit from investing in green infrastructure. It is possible to implement green infrastructure projects at different scales, from individual homeowners to local governments, and they can be customized to meet specific requirements. Installing pet waste containers can help dog waste removal in Jacksonville and help you get started on the path to green infrastructure and other green initiatives.

Green infrastructure offers a fruitful and sustainable means of controlling pet waste pollution in waterways. By channeling and purifying stormwater runoff, lessening the production of pet waste, and improving its quality, green infrastructure can upgrade water quality, protect aquatic life, and impart numerous social and economic advantages. With an increasing call for ecological solutions to environmental issues, green infrastructure is a viable choice for communities striving to make more livable metropolitan surroundings.

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