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  • “I am pleased with my less stinky yard.”
    - Amy E.
  • “DoodyCalls is definitely worth my time and money.”
    - Brandon L.
  • “No more fighting with the kids to see whose turn it is for poop patrol! I will highly recommend you to all of our friends in the area.”
    - Kelly B.
  • “We wouldn't have a dog if it wasn't for the service you provide, so THANK YOU...”
    - Michelle W.
  • “I was so excited when I heard I was a free woman! Free at last! I no longer have to scoop poop! ? I feel like a queen! Thank you!!”
    - Heather C.
  • “DoodyCalls helps me due to health issues and now, my pets, kids and us can work in our yard without worry.”
    - Karyn M.
  • “My vet informed me of the danger of parasites that lived in the dog poop. I hired DoodyCalls to reduce the illness in my three dogs.”
    - Eric W.
  • “When I got sick this was the one thing on my to do list that kept falling to the bottom until the job became overwhelming - calling DoodyCalls got all of it taken care of, quickly!”
    - Christine C.
  • “I've only had the service one time but my mind is relieved that this chore is now removed from my list of weekly things to do! Thank you DoodyCalls!”
    - Norma M.