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Proudly Providing Pet Waste Removal Services

DoodyCalls® of Chicagoland is proud to be your friendly neighborhood poop-scooping superhero. We're not just a business; we're a group of individuals with a shared passion for cleanliness, community, and a spotless Crystal Lake.

Nestled in the heart of Illinois, Crystal Lake is more than just our home. Its lush parks, serene waters, and vibrant community inspire us daily. But let’s face it - even the most picturesque towns can be brought down by dog poop. It hides in our backyards, lurks in our parks, and sullies our beautiful town. That’s where we swoop in!

We believe every pile of poop is an opportunity to make our town sparkle a little brighter. Armed with scoopers and a love for our city, we're on a mission to transform every "eww" into "woo-hoo"!

Working Together for a Cleaner Community

At DoodyCalls® of Chicagoland, we don’t just clean up after dogs; we actively contribute to the beauty and hygiene of our beloved town. We work tirelessly, ensuring that every resident can enjoy poop-free parks and backyards and every visitor leaves with an impression as clean and sparkling as the lake itself.

We believe in proactive solutions, so we don't just stop at cleaning. We also install and manage pet waste stations at apartment complexes, public parks, and more. These stations are equipped with waste bags and disposal bins, providing pet owners an easy and responsible way to dispose of their pets' waste.

Our disposal bins are specially designed for convenience and hygiene. Accessible and user-friendly, they are also engineered to contain odors, ensuring our parks remain pleasant and fresh. So, whether you're a dog owner tired of the daily 'doo-ty,' a busy family that values cleanliness, or a community member passionate about a spotless Crystal Lake, we're here for you.

Get a free quote online or call (312) 795-4977 today for pet waste removal services in your area. Let’s work together for cleaner homes and a cleaner community!

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