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Dog Poop Removal in Charlotte

Reliable Dog Poop Removal Services on Your Schedule

The common issue at hand is quite straightforward: You find yourself in possession of a furry companion who frequently relieves themselves in your yard, resulting in the creation of an unsightly obstacle course.

Our uncomplicated solution involves the services of our local, independently owned and operated company: DoodyCalls® of Charlotte. Our dedicated team in Charlotte adheres to a regular schedule, meticulously removing and disposing of pet waste, thus ensuring that your yard remains a clean and safe environment for your family's enjoyment.

While no formal scientific investigation has been conducted, it is generally believed that the task of pet poop removal ranks low on the list of enjoyable activities for pet owners. Why not liberate yourself from this chore once and for all? By availing of our Charlotte dog poop pickup services, you can cross this off your to-do list. Entrust the unpleasant work to us, allowing you to concentrate on activities that bring you joy.

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Clean & Simple Services: Providing Convenience and Peace of Mind

At DoodyCalls® of Charlotte, we pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to establish the optimal service frequency and timing that suits their needs. Our various locations offer a range of service options, including twice-weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services. Additionally, we offer on-demand or one-time dog poop cleanup services for those unexpected moments when you're unable to spare the time.

What to Expect When DoodyCalls® of Charlotte Arrives at Your Doorstep

Upon arrival, our pet waste removal technicians meticulously navigate through your yard in a methodical grid-like pattern, meticulously scanning back and forth to ensure no pet deposit goes unnoticed. To guarantee a thorough cleanup, they conduct a secondary walk-through to reconfirm every pet dropping has been removed.

Equipped with a specialized scooping receptacle lined with a fresh waste bag, our technicians diligently collect the waste. Once all waste has been gathered, they securely tie the collected waste bags with a knot and place them in another bag. You have the option for disposal in either your garbage can or our dedicated vehicle, based on your preference.

Before departing, our technicians diligently clean and disinfect their tools and shoes to prevent any potential contamination between yards.

Please note that our services are exclusively provided outdoors, as we require direct outside access to the cleaning areas. Regrettably, we are unable to navigate through residences to access the designated cleaning area.

Why should you consider choosing DoodyCalls® of Charlotte for professional dog poop removal services in Charlotte?

Our dedicated dog waste removal company in Charlotte has been assisting homeowners in maintaining clean and safe yards for over two decades, and we are eager to extend the same exceptional service to you.

There are numerous compelling reasons why DoodyCalls® of Charlotte stands out as a premier pet waste removal provider nationwide:

  1. Our pet waste removal services are not only cost-effective but also widely accessible to cater to your needs effectively.
  2. We take pride in tailoring our services to suit your individual requirements.
  3. The pooper scooper technicians at each of our independently owned and operated branches are comprehensively insured, background checked, and uniformed professionals who arrive in branded vehicles.
  4. After completion, we mark your freshly cleaned property with door hangers for your convenience.
  5. DoodyCalls has garnered recognition in over 100 news articles and features, including Forbes.
  6. We uphold our commitment to excellence by offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  7. Take advantage of a 10% discount by prepaying for 52 services or a 5% discount when you prepay for 26 services.
  8. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning up after your beloved furry companion.

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Let DoodyCalls Pick Up Where Your Pet Left Off

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