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How to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

By DoodyCalls

With the springtime melting of snow comes thawing mud, “poopcicles,” and a spring-cleaning to-do list. This can seem like an overwhelming task for dog owners, but luckily, we have some simple tips and tricks to help you keep your yard clean and free of messes. A little can go a long way to transform your outdoor space into an inviting setting for family gatherings, neighborhood barbeques, and even just soaking up some sun and fresh air. Let’s break down our top 4 tips on how to have your yard spring-ready in no time.

Prune & Trim Bushes & Shrubs

Not only does pruning keep a backyard looking neat, but it's also essential for plant health. Start by researching what shrubs and plants are in your backyard so you know how to best care for them. When pruning, it’s important to use sharp shears so as not to damage any plants. Also, keep safety in mind – wear gloves to protect your hands from thorns or sharp branches. If you plan on doing extensive work on a bush or shrubbery, make sure to trim off no more than 25% of leaves and branches in order to maintain its overall balance and structure.

Pick Up Dog Poop

Ah yes -- one of the most dreaded tasks of pet ownership -- spring dog poop clean up! When snow melts away after the winter months it may reveal all kinds of surprises left behind by Fido (or other neighborhood critters). To tackle this task quickly but efficiently start by gathering supplies including a shovel (a spade shovel works best), plastic bags (for transporting waste), rubber gloves (to keep hands clean) and a deodorizer spray. And don't forget - if you don’t want to deal with all that yourself, there’s no shame in calling the pros at DoodyCalls for a one-time springtime pickup or even ongoing services!

Rake Up Leaves & Debris

If you plan to trim any plants in your yard, make sure to do so first so that any trimmings and branches can be raked up and disposed of along with leaves and other debris that may have found its way into your yard over the winter months. Removing any unwanted natural waste from the space will also make other clean-up activities easier, like picking up pet waste and mowing the lawn.

Cover Muddy Spots in Your Yard

As temperatures start to rise in the springtime, so does the amount of mud outside. To prevent paws from tracking mud into your home, create a designated area for your pup to go when it’s muddy outside. Start by laying down mulch or straw on the entryway or pathways leading up to your house. This will provide traction for them, so they won't slip near doorways. You should also keep towels handy near entryways so you can quickly wipe off any muddy paws before they enter your home.

Spring cleaning with pets doesn't have to be too hard if you follow these tips on how to help prevent messes in the first place. For additional support, contact DoodyCalls to pick up the poop so that you don't have to spend extra time dealing with those pet messes yourself! Find more information about our residential services here. Happy Spring cleaning from DoodyCalls!