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What Dog Poop Color Can Tell You About Your Dog’s Health

By DoodyCalls

Dog poop is never exactly enjoyable to deal with, but stepping into the yard to find that your dog has left weird-colored poo brings a whole slew of other concerns. Is the dog sick? Did they eat something they shouldn’t have? Should I call the vet?

Here at DoodyCalls, we know dog poop. We’ve seen it all. Here’s what the different colors of dog poop mean and when you should consider a trip to the vet.

Abnormal Dog Poop Color Guide

It can be alarming to see a change in the color of your dog’s poop. The color may indicate health issues or the need to monitor or change your dog’s diet. Aside from color, pay attention to texture too; watery, mucousy, or very hard poos are all signs that your pet might need a visit to the vet. Here are some of the most common colors and the related dog poop color meaning.

Why Is My Dog’s Poop Black?

If your dog’s poop is black, or much darker than normal, it could be a sign of serious health problems. Black dog poop is sometimes the result of blood being digested after entering your dog’s stomach. This could be caused by:

  • An ulcer
  • Stomach, pancreatic, or esophageal cancer
  • Irritable bowels
  • A side-effect of medication

What should you do? If your dog’s poop is black, it’s best to take them to the vet for a checkup. Your vet will likely ask for a stool sample as well.

Why Is My Dog’s Poop Green?

If your dog’s poop is green, they’re likely eating too much grass or plant matter. However, in some cases, it could also be a sign that your dog has a gallbladder issue.

What should you do? If the color of your dog’s poop doesn’t return to normal in a few days, it might be time to take them to the vet. Occasional plant grazing is normal, but if your dog chews or eats grass often, it could be a sign of boredom or anxiety. In this case, you might want to look into getting them new toys or finding other ways to soothe them.

Why Is My Dog’s Poop White?

White, chalky dog poop usually means that your dog has too much calcium in their diet. If your dog eats bones or enjoys cheese, beans, sweet potatoes, or other calcium-rich foods (either via leftovers or as ingredients in their dog food), this could be the reason. However, light-colored dog poop, especially if it’s runny, can be a symptom of issues with your dog’s digestive system, including liver disease.

What should you do? Try cutting back on the obvious culprits in your dog’s diet and make sure they’re getting adequate water. Contact your vet if your dog’s poop is light-colored and runny.

Why Is My Dog’s Poop Yellow?

Yellow dog poop is almost always a sign of an upset stomach. Most likely, your dog ate something that didn’t agree with them.

What should you do? Monitor your dog’s poop. If it doesn’t revert to a normal color after a couple of days, schedule a vet visit to rule out any deeper health problems. Additionally, beware of foods that are bad for dogs.

Why Is My Dog’s Poop Purple?

Purple or pink dog poop could be a sign of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, which can be caused by parasites or from your dog eating something toxic.

What should you do? At the first sign of purple or pink poop, call your vet to schedule an appointment. Watch out for bloody diarrhea or vomiting; if you notice these symptoms, take your dog in for emergency veterinary care.

Why Is My Dog’s Poop Orange?

Sometimes, orange-colored dog poop is the result of food passing too quickly through your dog’s digestive system. But it can also be a symptom of problems in your dog’s gallbladder or liver.

What should you do? It’s probably best to call the vet to schedule a checkup. They can diagnose any health issues and suggest dietary changes, if necessary.

Normal Dog Poop Color and Texture

To sum it up, when you’re wondering what color of poop is bad for dogs to have, the answer is that anything outside of their normal poop color can be cause for concern.

Normal dog poop is chocolate-brown in color and moist while still having a defined shape. Each pile of doo will generally always be about the same size, and your dog should usually poop the same number of times per day.

And while poop never smells good, normal dog poop won’t have an overpowering odor. It should also be free of foreign objects, which are a sign that your dog ate something they shouldn’t have.

Dog Poop Color and Texture Guide

Get Support When You Need It

Aside from the messes that result from your dog having stomach issues, the stress of worrying about your dog’s health can be overwhelming. In many cases, your dog’s poo will return to normal in a few days, and everything will be fine. But if strange poo color and texture continue to be an issue, and if these symptoms are ever accompanied by a change in your dog’s eating habits or activity level, get the support you need by calling a vet.

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