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Top 3 Fire Safety Tips That Could Save Your Pet’s Life

By DoodyCalls

DoodyCalls understands that you would do anything to ensure that you pet is happy and safe. In honor of Pet Fire Safety Day, we wanted to share with you the top 3 tips to keep your pet safe in the event of a home fire. According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, the first step to pet fire safety is including your furry friend in your family evacuation plan. By knowing who is responsible for scooping up your pet, and grabbing their emergency kit items, you can be sure that they are not overlooked in the chaos. For outdoor pets, such as rabbits or chickens, it’s suggested that you clear any brush away from their dwellings, so as to prevent the fire from spreading too close and putting them at risk.

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In case rushing to grab your pet on the way out the door becomes impossible, DogTime suggests leaving them their own emergency exit, in the form of a doggy door. If there’s a heightened risk that a fire might break out at your home, they ask that you consider installing monitored smoke detectors. This will ensure that firefighters are sent out to your home at the first signs of smoke. Both DogTime and Veterinary Pet Insurance recommend that you map out a list of locations where your dog is likely to sleep, or hide out. Having this list handy with your evacuation kit will make it far easier for the rescue crew to locate your pet if they were unfortunately left behind.

The following 3 action items could save our dog’s life in the event of a fire.

  • Mark Windows with Emergency Stickers – DoodyCalls is a huge proponent of ensuring that main windows are marked with emergency stickers to notify firefighters of exactly how many animals you have in the house, as well as what they look like.
  • Keep Your Dog Collared – Frightened animals may act erratically and run away from emergency personal and into danger when they feel threatened. Keeping a collar on them and a leash near the door will make it easier for rescuers to quickly grab your pet and get them outside to safety.
  • Practice Fire Prevention – Whenever possible, use flame-less candles. Keep a close eye on active fireplaces and ensure that your wiring is up to date and in good working shape. Lock or remove the knobs on your stove so that a stray tail can’t switch the burner on. The easiest way to keep your pet safe from a fire, is to avoid one altogether.