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Raleigh and Cary, NC

North Carolina Dog Resource Guide

Local Laws and Ordinances that Affect Dog Owners

  • Licensing Laws - The state of North Carolina requires that all dogs four months or older be vaccinated against rabies and wear a proof of vaccination tag at all times. In many cases, the tag is purchased for a minimal fee from the veterinarian administering the vaccine. Owners in Raleigh may purchase tags from either the Revenue Division in the Government Complex or from some veterinarians with proof of vaccination. Tags are available for sale each December and cost seven dollars for spayed or neutered dogs, and fourteen dollars for all others. Owners in Garner must purchase tags and licensing from the local Finance Department, but are not required to do so until the dog is six months or older. Tags for spayed or neutered dogs are ten dollars, while all others are twenty-five dollars.
  • Leashing Laws - State law prohibits any dog from roaming free at night. Owners are also responsible for keeping dogs under control at all times, and will be charged fines of varying amounts for damage or injury caused by a loose dog. Additionally, Raleigh and Garner both strictly enforce leash laws requiring that owners keep dogs on a leash or confined to the owner’s property at all times.
  • “Pooper Scooper” Laws - Raleigh requires that owners clean up any pet waste from private property unless otherwise specified by the owner. This site also gives a great explanation and local examples of the environmental and health risks of leaving waste behind.
  • Other Laws Affecting Dog Owners - Garner’s law states that owners may not have more than two dogs residing on property less than 20,000 square feet. The only exception to this rule is if the dogs complete a “Canine Good Citizen” course.

North Carolina Dog Parks & Dog Park Organizations

  • Millbrook Dog Park is one of the largest dog parks in Raleigh, NC. It is home to a large area for large or energetic dogs, a smaller area for small or older dogs, and a dog-friendly picnic area in between with easy, double-gated access to each. The Friends of Millbrook Dog Park host the annual Bark Around the Park each April where dogs and owners can socialize and help raise money to support local dog causes.
  • Oakwood Dog Park is located in Raleigh, NC. Their website is home to Friends of the Off-Leash Dog Park at Oakwood Park (FOLDPOP), a group of volunteers dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of Oakwood. In addition to postings on the rules and location of the park, the site also has information regarding upcoming events such as the annual Dogtoberfest, where dogs and owners can participate in a parade and help raise money through concessions for local animal rescues.
  • The addition of an off-leash dog park has been approved for Carolina Pines Community Park. Work began summer 2007 and will be supported mostly by donations and volunteers from People for Unleashed Parks (PUP) and the local SPCA.
  • People for Unleashed Parks  (PUP) is an organization dedicated to the founding of off-leash dog parks around Raleigh, North Carolina and to the education of pet owners as to the beneficial effects of exercise. The site promotes the idea that proper exercise will help minimize behavioral problems.
  • Plans for Lake Johnson Metro Park and Glen Eden Pilot Park are currently under consideration.

North Carolina Humane Societies and Animal Shelters

  • Snowflake Animal Rescue is a volunteer-run animal shelter. They believe in the uniqueness and individuality of every animal in their care. In addition to permanent adoption, Snowflake Animal Rescue also seeks temporary foster homes and the offers the opportunity to financially sponsor any of their animals through the “Snowflake Angels” Program.
  • Second Chance Pet Adoptions is a volunteer animal shelter begun in 1987. The facility maintains a “no-kill” policy, instead making a commitment to unconditionally love and care for each animal they rescue for as long as needed.
  • Heaven and Earth Animal Rescue Team (HEART) is a team of volunteers dedicated to providing quality care and finding loving homes for abandoned dogs and cats. All of the rescued animals are placed in foster homes until adoption. Because of this policy, HEART is a limited-access organization, meaning that if the foster homes are full, HEART will temporarily stop accepting new animals until there is room.

Additional Dog Organizations and Ideas That We Support

  • Animal Kind is on a mission to educate the public on the dangers and tragic consequences of overcrowding in rescue shelters and homes. In addition to public education programs, Animal Kind collects donations and holds fundraisers to help give low-income families the funds to spay or neuter their pets.
  • North Carolina Schnauzer Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer organization. Their mission includes finding loving homes for miniature schnauzers and educating the public on all things schnauzer.
  • Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina is a non-profit group dedicated to finding loving homes for abandoned beagles. In addition to adoption, TriBeagle seeks temporary foster care as well.
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