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Townvibe Bedford: July-August 2016 Someone’s got to do it — from removing lice to cleaning up pet waste to packing up a home Growing up my father had a mantra when it came to any kind of household chore: Hire someone. Need the lawn mowed? Call Jimmy, the 90-year-old man with the John Deere. My READ MORE>>


Stillwater Gazette: April 12, 2016 Are you 4 years old? Forty-four years old? Do you like to talk about poop? Come on, admit it. Poop is a little bit funny isn’t it? Two years ago we went on vacation to Jamaica. My son, who was 2 at the time, had just learned how to use READ MORE>>


Examiner.com: May 12, 2016 One would be hard-pressed to find a homeowner who wants rats around their property. Many people are unaware that their dogs might be attracting the unsavory rodents to their homes. According to DoodyCalls Direct, rats are drawn to property littered with dog feces because they like to eat it – in some READ MORE>>


Press Release: March 31, 2016 It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Armed with rakes, shovels, and bags Ramon and Dee Dee Constante, owners of Charlotte based DoodyCalls, will be cleaning up the Fourth Ward Park Saturday, April 23rd as part of this year’s Earth Day/Community Day. Ramon and Dee Dee Constante, READ MORE>>

Grand Rapids Business Journal

 Grand Rapids Business Journal: April 8, 2016 Dave Hunt says he is “number one in the number two business.” Hunt is the master of a job so dirty, few people actually believe him when he announces what he does for a living. “We pick up dog poop for people,” he tells them. “What do you READ MORE>>


Business News Daily: April 12, 2016 Business inspiration can come from anywhere, so it should come as no surprise that for many people, that inspiration comes from the love of their pets. Animals, from dogs and cats to goats and chickens and everything in between, have inspired many odd but successful business ventures. Some make use READ MORE>>


WBAL TV: April 3, 2016 Fred Telmanowski, owner of the DoodyCalls of Harford/Baltimore NE was featured on WBAL-TV 11. On Baltimore‘s morning news, Fred explained the need to pick up pet waste so as to avoid water pollution, the spreading of harmful bacteria, and to deter from attracting rats. DoodyCalls is proud to provide expert pet waste READ MORE>>


Northern Virginia Housewives: March 17, 2016 guest post by Sara Walker Everyone knows that Dog is Man’s best friend. Our dogs are loyal and loving–where would we be without them? Nothing is better than coming home to a four-legged friend that is always excited to see you. While we love our pets, their waste can READ MORE>>

Article from Cleverism.com

Cleverism.com: March, 14, 2016 It’s the middle of the night and you suddenly wake up with a business idea in your mind – while still sleepy, you don’t write the idea down since you feel it is bad one anyways. This is just one example of a time when a business idea may strike you READ MORE>>

DC Outlook

DC Outlook: February 16, 2016 From our friends at DoodyCalls… For many dog owners, cleaning up after their dogs during the cold winter months is a challenge, when yards often are wet, icy and often covered with snow. Then comes spring, and they are faced with the huge task of dealing with so many accumulated READ MORE>>

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