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Dogs are creatures of habit – their internal clock tells them when it’s time to go out, they favor certain toys and treats over others, and they even have preferred places to hunker down and do their “business.” But what happens when your pooch wakes up in the morning and steps outside to find his READ MORE>>

Pet waste removal technician

In today’s world, time is a precious commodity, and of all of the things on the average pet owner’s to-do list, chances are picking up after the pooch is down there towards the bottom, especially during the fall and winter months when it’s so easily overlooked. But as unpleasant and time consuming as it may READ MORE>>

Small gray kitten in blue plastic litter cat

The cat population in America is on the rise. By recent estimates, there are now upwards of 96 million furry felines owned as pets and another 25 million feral cats taking up residence in the United States today. But as lovable as these cute kitties may be, their poop… Not so much. With recent studies READ MORE>>


Pet ownership is on the rise. By recent figures, there are now upwards of 84 million dogs taking up residence in the United States and annualized collective spending on our furry loved ones exceeded $55 billion in 2013 alone. As dog ownership in the US grows, so does the need for pet waste management planning READ MORE>>

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