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Golden Retriever in the Snow

Picking up after a pet is an unpleasant and time consuming chore that is easily overlooked, especially during the winter months. But doggie deposits are more than just a gross and unsightly nuisance – they are an environmental pollutant and a human health hazard, which means poop scooping duty is an important responsibility held by READ MORE>>


VetStreet: November 19, 2013 How often have you almost stepped in — or actually stepped in — dog poop that was left on the ground? Pet waste that isn’t properly disposed of isn’t just a hazard waiting to happen to your favorite pair of shoes, and it doesn’t just disappear (unless you have a friendly neighborhood READ MORE>>


VetStreet: October 21, 2013 If you own pets, then you’re probably aware that their waste can be hard on your landscaping. Dead grass and brown spots can be a common and unwelcome result when your lawn doubles as a pet potty. At first you may notice some spots on your lawn looking especially green as the READ MORE>>

young Australian shepherd playing with leaves

Picking up after the pooch: It is an important responsibility held by all pet owners, and not only because dog waste is a gross and unsightly mess. Doggie deposits are an environmental pollutant and a human health hazard. When left unattended, the waste is a detriment to local soil and water quality, and also presents READ MORE>>


If you have a pet, then chances are you have pet waste. As unpleasant and time consuming as pooper scooper duty may be, keeping doggie deposits off the ground is an important responsibility held by every pet owner. Here’s why: Dog waste is an environmental pollutant. According to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency, two or READ MORE>>

brownspots copy

If you have a dog, then chances are you also have brown spots on your lawn. This happens because dog urine is rich in nitrogen, which is known to kill grass when concentrated amounts collect over time. The effects of dog urine on your lawn are similar that of a nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer. A small READ MORE>>


WACH-TV, FOX Columbia SC: 07.19.2012 Of course pollution is an ongoing issue, but one pollutant that transmits bacteria and parasites into our waterways, potentially effecting our health, might be overlooked. That pollutant is pet waste, and experts say it can create a problem when it is not disposed of properly. “When it rains, that waste will READ MORE>>


Good Housekeeping Scoop a greener poop: The 10 million tons of annual waste created by the 78 million dogs in this country could fill 267,500 18-wheelers. Lined up bumper to bumper, those trucks would stretch for 3,800 miles, according to DoodyCalls, a dog waste removal company. (And while cats generate waste, too, those stats aren’t as READ MORE>>


Tails Magazine: June 28, 2013 Scooping poop will never be fun, but these 10 tips should make cleaning the yard a little bit easier: 1. Get the right tools for the job The world’s best pooper scoopers have at least three tools in hand for every job: A rake, a lobby dust pan, and a trash READ MORE>>


Dogster: May 17th, 2013 I find there’s something elegant about simplicity in a world complicated by bits and bytes. As the founder of DoodyCalls I attest to this firsthand. My company is the nation’s largest provider of pet waste removal services for homeowners and their communities. DoodyCalls provides a simple service that makes our customers’ lives READ MORE>>