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10 Tips for Tackling Pet Waste
June 28, 2013

Scooping poop will never be fun, but these 10 tips should make cleaning the yard a little bit easier:

1. Get the right tools for the job

The world’s best pooper scoopers have at least three tools in hand for every job: A rake, a lobby dust pan, and a trash bag...more

10 Crazy Brand Names at Growing Chains
June 27, 2013

When franchising was born, most company names were simple and straightforward. Think McDonald’s and Burger King. Or ServiceMaster. These brand names conveyed family feeling, or trust and authority. In some cases, they spelled out what the company did. They sought to offend no one and raise no hackles...more

I Scoop Dog Poop for a Living
May 17, 2013

I find there's something elegant about simplicity in a world complicated by bits and bytes. As the founder of DoodyCalls I attest to this firsthand. My company is the nation’s largest provider of pet waste removal services for homeowners and their communities...more

7 Ways to Green Your Pet’s Habits
May 1, 2013

The 10 million tons of annual waste created by the 78 million dogs in this country could fill 267,500 18-wheelers. Lined up bumper to bumper, those trucks would stretch for 3,800 miles, according to DoodyCalls, a dog waste removal company. (And while cats generate waste, too, those stats aren’t as readily available.) The more you can do to make waste more eco-friendly, the happier the planet will be...more

State Fair’s Dirtiest Job
August 29, 2012

For the past four years, DoodyCalls has been the go-to company to clean up after the animals (and some humans, too) at the Minnesota State Fair. The contract is in a class by itself. Pigs, cows, goats, sheep, horses, chickens and rabbits generated more than 3,000 tons of manure last year, according to the fair...more

Nashville Ledger
Entrepreneurs Turn Dog Poop into Profits
August 3, 2012

You’ve heard the expression, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Several Tennessee entrepreneurs are combining that cliché with another (with a slight modification)—“Poop happens”—and the result is that businessmen are turning droppings into dollars...more

The Huffington Post
Dog Poop: American Pooches Dump 10 Million Tons Of Feces A Year
April 21, 2012

Most Earth Day celebrations focus on the dangers of man-made pollutants. The contributions of animals get pushed under the carpet. Hopefully, that carpet is metaphorical, because American canines pump out 10 million tons of dog poop each year...more

New York Daily News
America’s Dogs Poop 10 Million Tons a Year, a Potential Health Hazard, Waste Firm Finds
April 21, 2012

Man’s best friend can be crappy for the environment. The 78 million dogs in America collectively produce 10 million tons of poop each year—enough to fill a line of fully-loaded tractor trailers stretching from Seattle to Boston, according to DoodyCalls...more

Bloomberg Businessweek
Odd Jobs: Professional Dog-Poop Remover
April 10, 2012

Jacob D’Aniello, co-founder and chief executive officer of DoodyCalls, can imagine only one scenario in which his business could fail. “If one day, everybody in the world woke up and decided they loved picking up dog poop,” he says grimly...more

Stafford County Sun
They Answer When DoodyCalls
April 4, 2012

Around this time of the year, a particular local business is on the mind of many dog owners — DoodyCalls pooper scooper service. The business serves the local areas including Stafford, Fredericksburg and parts of Prince William County...more

Charlestown Patch
Piles of Processed Pooch Poop on Public Paths
March 22, 2012

You could employ the services of a firm like DoodyCalls, who, for a monthly fee, will clean up after your dog(s) and—for an additional fee—will also empty your cat’s litter box, which is something else too many do too seldom...more

Work It, Richmond
Jeff Merten
March 8, 2012

Hi, I’m Jeff Merten, local owner of DoodyCalls. We are a pet waste management company serving residential and commercial properties in the Richmond area...more

Westlake Picayune
Scooping Into Action
January 11, 2012

When Westbank residents Brenda and George Salemie had their daughter and got a Great Pyrenees puppy around the same time, they realized they had a problem. A very stinky problem that was making their backyard unusable. The Salemies, who own two successful businesses between them, put their heads together and not only found a solution to their pet waste problem, they found a way to make some money...more

The Street
5 Reasons to Buy a Franchise in 2012
December 8, 2011

Some franchisors also feel it's their responsibility to provide jobs. “Being an entrepreneur means you are creating jobs and helping to rebuild the economy. Simply put: it's the American thing to do,” D'Aniello says...more

Austin Business Journal
Austin Couple brings DoodyCalls to Central Texas
Novermber 11, 2011

George Salemie gets a whiff of the 60,000 pounds of waste that Austin’s dogs produce every day—and he smells opportunity...more

More Magazine
Reinvent with a Pet Business
Novermber 7, 2011

Susan D'Aniello worked in the emergency department as a nurse before launching DoodyCalls, a pet waste removal franchise. "Some people ask how I felt about going from that to cleaning yards," she said. "Believe me—cleaning up dog poop is a much cleaner job!"...more

Fox Business
That's Weird: Four Things You Can Pay Someone to Do for You
October 27, 2011

From hiring someone to pick up your dog’s poop to having someone manage your fantasy football team, there’s no shortage of unusual services at your fingertips...more

All Business
The 5 Worst Business Ideas (That Somehow Succeeded)
October 19, 2011

In 1999, Jacob D'Aniello heard an interview with a professional pet poop remover and realized that the guy was making more money than he was. A year later, the management consultant founded DoodyCalls...more

AOL Jobs
Going To Waste? Biotech Scholar Works As Pooper Scooper
October 7, 2011

One day, she saw an ad online for a job at DoodyCalls, a Fairfax, Va.-based pet waste removal service. She laughed. Then she stopped laughing. Then she called her mom...more

Maple Grove Patch
Doody Calls at the Minnesota State Fair
September 5, 2011

Keeping the Minnesota State Fair grounds clean is no small job, but one Maple Grove resident meets the dirty job head on...more

Star Tribune
'Doody' Duty? Be Sure to Thank the Fair Shovelers
September 4, 2011

The poop-removers are a cheerful crew, led by an energetic entrepreneur named Mike Kuehn-Hajder. His company: DOODY CALLS. His 50-person crew runs around the fairgrounds looking for “golden prize” — Mike’s term — and gets it up before you wander into it...more

The Woodbury Bulletin
When Fido Drops Off, They Pick Up
August 3, 2011

When nature calls, Kurt Rasmussen answers. A new franchise based out of Cottage Grove is now servicing the Woodbury area for pet waste removal. Doody Calls is shooting to become “No. 1 and No. 2” in the business, said Rasmussen, owner of the local franchise...more

The Franchise Chatter Blog
Franchise Chatter Exclusive: Q&A Interview with Jacob D’Aniello, Co-Founder and CEO of DoodyCalls
July 20, 2011

I had the privilege of interviewing Jacob D’Aniello, Co-Founder and CEO of DoodyCalls, and I must say he presented a very solid case in favor of this pet waste removal franchise opportunity...more

The Wall Street Journal
Taking on the ‘Ick’ Factor
May 2, 2011

Some businesses thrive off the “ick” factor – those unpleasant tasks in life that need to get done...more

The Wall Street Journal
This Business Grows Every Time Fido Does His
Waste Scoopers Say Jobs Are Picking Up; A Changing Landscape
April 30, 2011

Jacob D’Aniello, who started DoodyCalls in Charlottesville, Va., in 2000 and began selling franchises in 2004, says, “This is our best year” so far. He claims 2,200 new clients since Jan. 1. and a 20% jump in revenues from last year’s first quarter...more

San Francisco Chronicle
Make Every Day Earth Day: Pick Up After Your Pet
April 22, 2011

Waste not, want not. Picking up pet poo may not be high on your “things-I-love-to-do” list, but it's a basic tenant of being a responsible pet owner and a considerate neighbor...more

Franchise Times
Yellow Journalism: The Scoop on a Day-in-the-Life of a Dog Poop Picker-Upper
March, 2011

I thought I knew everything there was to know about picking up dog poop. After all, I’ve been the canine companion to a number of dogs over the years, including taking my current boss, Hank, out on a leash several times a day...more

The Tennessean
Out of Work, Some Invest Time, Savings in Franchises
February 27, 2011

As job growth continues to sputter, some frustrated or laid-off workers are taking an alternative route to finding new employment. They're opening their own businesses, often through the world of franchising...more

Washington Business Journal
Executive Profile: Jacob D'Aniello
February 18, 2011

Today, 34-year-old D’Aniello helms a 35-franchise company in 57 locations, its biggest in Fairfax, that aims to be the first national pet removal brand...more

The Wall Street Journal
Itching to Buy a Pet Franchise?
February 16, 2011

Headquartered in Charlottesville, Va., DoodyCalls boasts 35 franchisees throughout the nation who specialize in cleaning up after dogs. Recently, the 11-year-old business expanded its services to appeal to cat owners by offering to wash and sanitize litter boxes...more

Lake Norman Citizen
DoodyCalls Goes to the Cats
February 11, 2011

DoodyCalls, a specialist in dog waste removal, has now gone to the cats. The North Charlotte and Lake Norman area company has added litter box service that relieves cat owners from purchasing litter and cleaning litter boxes...more

Midlands Biz
Ribbon Cutting DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal
February 7, 2011

The newly launched local pet waste removal service, DoodyCalls, will receive quite the endorsement from Mayor Halfacre on February 15th, in celebration of the business' ribbon cutting ceremony on the steps of the Lexington Chamber. Playing the role of "Doodles" during the event, Halfacre will sport one of the company's oversized, bright orange dog costumes...more

St. Paul Pioneer Press
Reporting for Doody: Twin Cities Company Expands into Cat-box Cleanup
January 26, 2011

When Mike Kuehn-Hajder bought a DoodyCalls dog poop pickup franchise in 2008, he thought something was missing. Cat poop. So in between visits to scoop up dog waste from Twin Cities back yards, the 38-year-old Maple Grove resident devised a system to relieve cat owners of pet toilet duties, too...more
DoodyCalls: Litter Box Cleaning Service
January 24, 2011

I was greeted on the phone by the friendly voice of Jacob D'Aniello, the founder and president of the company with whom I had a delightful chat about cat litter, litter boxes, and many of the reasons that some cat owners would choose to subscribe to a cat litter box cleaning service...more

The Daily Progress
CBJ: Cleaning Up After Kitty
January 24, 2011

A Charlottesville-based company has a cleaning solution for cat owners who don’t like to clean up their furry one’s waste. DoodyCalls, a national pet waste removal company, has expanded its services to help cat owners...more

San Francisco Chronicle
Tails of the City: Local Delivery Service Cleans Up After Cats
January 18, 2011

Peninsula cat owners who are squeamish about cleaning out the litter box have reason to rejoice! Bay Area business owners, Rick and Paulette Nava of DoodyCalls have officially extended their pet poop-removal business to include cats...more

The State - South Carolina
Business Picking Up for Pet Waste Firm
January 14, 2011

When Jeff Bolen’s contracting business turned to waste during the Great Recession, he turned to waste to diversify his income and revitalize his finances. Dog waste, that is...more

The Free Lance-Star
The Deal
January 12, 2011

In the fall of 2007, we became customers of the DoodyCalls service (it was a gift for my wife). With our busy schedules following the birth of our son, we found time was limited...more

The Santa Fe New Mexican
Business Beat
January 10, 2011

DoodyCalls, a Charlottesville, VA, business that specializes in dog-waste removal, has introduced something for cats — it's called The Doody Calls Complete Litter Box Service...more

The Daily News Journal
Business Briefs
January 8, 2011

DoodyCalls, the nation's trusted leader in dog-waste removal, will now offer litter box services...more

Hartford Business Ledger
DoodyCalls Unveils New Service for Cat Owners in Harford & NE Baltimore Counties
December 17, 2010

DoodyCalls, the nation's trusted leader in dog waste removal, is unveiling its newest program next week in Harford & North East Baltimore Counties -- The DoodyCalls Complete Litter Box Service...more

Potomac Patch
DoodyCalls for Clean Yards in Potomac
December 13, 2010

It's the rare pet owner who will tell you he or she enjoys cleaning up after the dog. That's especially true if the owner has more than one dog with free rein of the yard. For those pet owners who need a little extra help when it comes to cleaning up after their pet, DoodyCalls is their answer...more

Letter to the Editor: Curb Your Dog’s Waste
December 11, 2010

Bay Area beaches have gained national fame this year, being marked as some of the most dangerously polluted in the nation...more

Lake Norman Citizen
Doody Calls Sends S.O.S. for Pet Food Help
December 10, 2010

DoodyCalls Pet Waste removal not only specializes in number 2, the local company is also pitching in to help provide needy pets with some ... er ... material to work with...more

Huntersville Herald
Local Business Donates Pet Food to Second Harvest
December 19, 2010

DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal, a business in north Charlotte, is providing assistance to Second Harvest of Metrolina’s Pet Food Bank by shuttling barrels of pet food to and from participating pet food bank drop-off locations...more

Business on Main (MSN)
Winning the Franchise Prize
December, 2010

Many entrepreneurs love the challenge of owning their own businesses, yet are drawn to owning franchises because of the security that comes from tapping into an existing, recognizable consumer brand. Owning a franchise is like “going into business for yourself, but not by yourself,” says Alisa Harrison, vice president of communications for the International Franchise Association...more

Folsom Telegraph
Local Couple Hopes to Scoop Up Some Business
October 13, 2010

When doody calls, the Gormans answer. Lois and Mike Gorman, of El Dorado Hills, recently started their own business as owners of DoodyCalls. “We help people with busy schedules take care of the single-most unpleasant and time consuming aspect of pet ownership,” Mike Gorman said. “We’re the number one in the number two business.”...more

The Daily Record
Planning for a “Normal” Retirement
September 6, 2010

Fred Telmanowski wants to postpone retirement for at least five years, maybe longer. He was almost forced into it once, when he was laid off, but found his way back into the work force, and the 59-year-old wants to stay there — like many who’ve seen their nest eggs take a hit in the economic downturn...more

My Central NJ
Doggone: New area franchise wants to clean up after your pets
August 12, 2010

Laid off information-technology executive Mark Midtgaard wants to be No. 1 in No. 2. He has launched a franchise business where, for a fee, he will clean up after your pets ...more

All Business
The Truth About Buying a Franchise in Your 20s
July, 2010

Over the past decade, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of young adults opening franchises, according to David Cahn, founder of Franchise & Business Law Group, a boutique law firm in the Baltimore area that primarily represents early-stage franchisors and startup franchisees...more

San Francisco Chronicle
Tails of the City: Dough Found in Dog Doo; Auctioned on eBay
June 23, 2010

Wilson's unlikely find and his noble decision to return the cash to its rightful owner has been celebrated by hundreds of news outlets. His employer has been overwhelmed with calls and there is even talk of an appearance on the Tonight Show...more

AOL News
Cash Found in Dog Poo Up for Auction
June 22, 2010

Who knew that money could become more valuable after it's been digested?...more

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Fame Finds Worker Who Found $58 in Dog Poop
June 20, 2010

"It was right about here," Steve Wilson said, pointing with his yellow rake at a spot in the grass. Right about here, in this patch of lawn, he found $58 in piles of dog poop. And now this professional pooper-scooper is something close to famous...more

AOL News
Man Finds $58 in Dog Doo
June 16, 2010

Pet waste removal is a dirty job -- so it's only fitting that Steve Wilson got compensated in dirty money...more

People Pets
Man Finds $58 in Dog Poop, Returns It to Owner
June 15, 2010

Steve Wilson was on a routine call to a home in St. Louis, Mo. It was a regular May day in the yard of his client, Karen Linn. A regular day picking up dog poop, that is...more

Associated Press
Missouri Pooper Scooper Finds $58 in Doggie Doo
June 15, 2010

This is why your mother says to wash your hands after handling money. An employee of DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal in St. Louis says he recently found $58 packed in dog poop, then returned the cash to the pooch's owner. But Steve Wilson says he sanitized the bills first...more

The Washington Post
Pooper Scooper’s Example Doesn't Go to Waste
April 13, 2010

Picture the loveliest, most inviting thing you can imagine: the cool crispness of a bed made with freshly laundered sheets, the warm peach fuzz on a baby's head, the clink of ice cubes in a cocktail glass as you watch the sun set over the beach. Sadly, this column will not be about any of those things. No. I'm afraid it's time to talk about dog poop again...more

Wallet Pop
More Execs Starting Own Businesses, Including Scooping Poop
February 3, 2010

Joseph Gliottone has a quick comeback to his former advertising colleagues when they ask him about his new job picking up dog poop. "It's the same product category, but a different clientele."...more

The Baltimore Beacon
Economy Spurs Entrepreneurs
February, 2010

“Talk about going from the penthouse to the outhouse,” laughed Fred Telmanowski. On New Year’s Eve 2008, Telmanowski’s employer of 30 years, Aon Risk Services, had a reduction in staff. Telmanowski, 58, was part of that downsizing. “After 30 years of consulting with the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, I found myself, for the first time in my life, unemployed.”...more

Entrepreneur Magazine
DoodyCalls Again Named to Franchise 500; Moves Up 100 Spots
January, 2010

DoodyCalls has once again been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine in their annual Franchise 500 list as the number 1 ranked pet waste removal franchise in the United States. Published in January, the 2010 Franchise 500 list ranks the DoodyCalls franchise opportunity 100 positions higher than last year, with a current standing of 370....more

Quirky Pet Businesses Worth Barking About
These Entrepreneurs are Marking Their Territories in Surprising Ways
November 14, 2009

The unemployment rate may be north of 10%, but pet-product makers are booming. According to the National Pet Owners Survey, about 71 million U.S. households, or 62%, owned at least one pet in 2008, up from just 56% in 1988, the first year the survey was conducted...more

Westchester Magazine
Professional Pooper-Scooper: Doodycalls
October 21, 2009

Yes, Virginia, there are folks who will come and pick up your dog’s poop. Just ask George Sichler, owner of DoodyCalls in Mount Kisco....more

Great Startups – Call of Doody
October 19, 2009

DoodyCalls and its website offer a slightly “different” business concept in that it is based on dog poop. Moreover, as a franchising concept, it would not seem to have a chance, but apparently it is working, plus it makes for an interesting good story...more

Franchise Update
Winner’s Circle: DoodyCalls Cleans Up on Pet Spending
October 14, 2009

DoodyCalls, the pet-waste removal service, has opened seven new franchises so far this year and expects to have five more operating by year-end (five of the seven new franchisees were corporate executives last year). DoodyCalls topped 2008’s total sales numbers by June...more

Randolph Roxbury This Week
When Duty Calls, Call for . . . Well, You Know
September 23, 2009

After working in the hospitality industry for a number of years, Kevin realized he needed a change. From a young age he had always wanted to run a business of his own—that’s exactly what he set out to do and he has never looked back. At the same time, Jennifer was pregnant with their first child and decided that building a business was the best step forward their family could take. It’s been an adventure ever since!...more

Entrepreneur Magazine - Daily Dose Blog
DoodyCalls Cleans Up America’s Front Yard
September 18, 2009

When President Obama declared a National Day of Service on September 11th, the folks from DoodyCalls had already gotten a head start. Franchisees, employees and even the president of the pet waste removal franchise spent September 10th giving the National Mall a much-needed makeover by doing what they do best—scooping poop...more

The Washington Post
They’re Your No. 1 Friend in the No. 2 Business
September 17, 2009

They swoop in when marriage counselors have failed, when all negotiations have broken down and Congress can't step in to help. They are the nation’s poop scoopers...more

Daily News of Newburyport, MA
Former Ad Executive is Now a Entre-'poo'-neur
September 15, 2009

This time last year, Plum Island resident Joseph Gliottone was senior vice president of print production at one of the country’s largest advertising agencies in Boston. Today, Gliottone scoops dog poop...more

The Washington Post
It’s a Dirty Job, But Someone’s Gotta Scoop
September 11, 2009

Broom in hand, trash can in tow, Mark Burnett arrived at Constitution Gardens on Thursday with a mission: Rid the Mall of poop...more

Associated Press
AP EXCLUSIVE: Grass to be Greener on National Mall
September 10, 2009

Frustrated with poor maintenance by the federal government, the group that built the Vietnam War memorial is aiming to improve its little corner of the National Mall by taking over lawn care for 13.5 acres marred by weeds, moss and brown spots...more

Washington Examiner
Firm to Help Clean Up Mall
September 9, 2009

A business that deals with animal waste removal has volunteered to clean up accumulated animal waste along the Mall and Reflecting Pool. Fifteen DoodyCalls waste removal operators from the Washington area have volunteered to sweep the Mall at no cost to the taxpayers...more

Remote Workers Aren't Going Anywhere—Literally
August 26, 2009

There's no stopping it. If the latest generation has its way, the work force that fuels tomorrow's small businesses may largely be a stay-at-home crowd...more

Merger Market
Pet Waste Removal Franchise Actively Seeking Acquisitions
July 31, 2009

DoodyCalls, a Charlottesville, Virginia-based pet waste removal franchise, is actively seeking pet waste acquisitions in the consolidating pet industry. The privately held company is interested in targets that it can convert into both corporate and franchise locations to expand its US footprint....more

The Daily News - Bay Area
Duty and DoodyCalls: Major Charity Event for All Bay Area K-9 Units
July 18, 2009

Duty calls, so DOODYCALLS, providers of quality pooper-scooper service to homeowners and communities, is scooping up funds from good folks like you to help Bay Area police dogs....more

Parks & Recreation magazine
Tackling Dog Waste
Dealing with Dog Waste is No Picnic, Unless You're a Rodent
July, 2009

Dogs impact community ecology in a number of ways, according to Carol Frischman, science educator and author of Pets and the Planet: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Pet Care. Beyond waste concerns, which often dominate dog discussions, Frischman explains, "Pets in dog parks create 'trampling' and elimination of the surface plants that prevent water run off, which creates erosion...more

The Post and Courier
Clean Up Pet Waste: It's the Law
Ask the Vet - Dr. Katherine A. Saenger
July 9, 2009

So now that I have been prompted and am supported by city law, I will get on my soap box about pet waste. I used to live where I shared parking and dog-walking space with my neighbors. It drove me crazy that my neighbors would leave their dog's waste in the parking lot, where inevitably, at least once a week, I would step in it on my way to the car. Grrrrr...more

San Francisco Examiner
Pooch Baths Benefit Police Brethren
July 2, 2009

The Western States Police Canine Association, pet-waste removal company DoodyCalls, and 34 Pet Food Express locations in the Bay Area are teaming up to host a dog-washing fundraiser with all proceeds going to outfit police K9s with bullet-proof vests and help pay the medical bills of retired animals...more

The New York Times
Fields of Gold? Yes, in a Way
June 7, 2009

In rough economic times, Lashelle and Mark Davis have cut back on treats like date nights, their outings to New York City from their Westchester County home for dinner and a show. But Mrs. Davis has made it clear that there is one luxury she will not give up: her professional pooper scooper....more | PDF...

Entrepreneur Magazine
Entrepreneur Magazine names DoodyCalls as one of the Top 500 franchises in the 30th Annual Franchise 500
January, 2009
Hometown News
Poop Pickup Profitable
September 19, 2008

Some might say that Christi Sharp’s business is going to the dogs. Accustomed to working indoors as a court reporter, the Port Orange resident now steps into a pair of green clogs, snaps on gloves and heads into clients’ yards to scoop dog poop...more

Randolph Recorder
Here’s the Scoop on the Poop
For Kevin Mahoney of Randolph, pet waste removal is the right calling
September 19, 2008

Scooper in hand, Kevin Mahoney scrutinized the dew-sopped lawn with the intensity of a pirate seeking buried treasure. The 39-year-old Valley View Lane resident was looking for booty, but of a more, uh, ripe sort. Mahoney is the owner of DoodyCalls, a pet waste disposal franchise whose employees boldly go where pet owners fear to tread, especially in bare feet: The back yard....more

Daily News Journal
DoodyCalls has the scoop (on poop)
June 15, 2008

...DoodyCalls fits into the Meeks' lifestyle; their love for the outdoors and animals. They saw the need for a pet waste removal service in the area and were inspired by the growing and profitable business of DoodyCalls.

Murfreesboro Post
Wash your dog for charity
June 10, 2008

Dogs and their people are all invited to come to the charity dog wash brought to you by Smyrna Doody Calls; the professional pooper scoopers of Rutherford County and Kelton’s Pet Supply Store...more

Worcester Telegram  The Worcester Telegram
Waste removal services seem to prove people will do anything for their pets
May 29, 2008

...With a list of about 100 customers, Mr. Sheehy recently hired his first full-time employee and hopes to dump his day job and fix his focus on feces by June of next year...more

The Providence Journal
They’re Striving to Be No. 1 in the No. 2 Business
When doody calls, Jim Conway answers
February 24, 2008

Conway, based in Warwick, owns a franchise for a national company called DoodyCalls, which picks up the digestive waste that pets leave behind. Driving a lime-green truck with the company logo on it, Conway will come to your yard, scoop the poop your dog has left behind, bag it, and leave it in your garbage. Cost is about $15 per weekly visit, depending on the size of the yard and the number of dogs...more | PDF...

Where Canines Go, DoodyCalls
February 10, 2008

“I like working with animals and with the environment,” Doug Barnhart said. “Even though picking up poop for a living is challenging, I like the money.” His fee depends on the number of dogs in the yard, its size, and how many times he cleans it a week...more | PDF...

Wall Street Journal
When the Going Gets Tough, Brands Get Going
February 7, 2008

[DoodyCalls] is looking for new franchise owners and clients ”Anywhere there are people that place value on their time,” says Mr. D’Aniello...more...

Ventura County Star
Franchise Focus: DoodyCalls
January 2, 2008

“…I saw the success my niece and nephew were having, and was amazed by the income potential of DoodyCalls and the freedom to run the business from home”...more...

Westchester County Business Journal
Company is No. 1 in No. 2
December, 2007

When duty calls and the duty is dirty, who you gonna call? Call DoodyCalls. Equipped with rakes, shovels and bags, DoodyCalls’ professional scoopers let pet owners wash their hands of the whole clean-up business...more...

Lawn & Landscape
Scooping Up Business
November, 2007

DoodyCalls founder Jacob D’Aniello sees pet waste removal as a natural extension of the services green industry companies already offer their customers...more...

Inc. Magazine
Professional Help - Cross That Off Your To-Do List
November, 2007

For business owners, time is an especially precious commodity. That's why some are choosing not to spend those moments on the less rewarding details of daily life, like picking up after pooches...more...

San Mateo Daily News
Looking Out for Man’s Best Friend: Donor Helps Fund Body Armor for Police Dogs
November 4, 2007

Rick Nava, who owns a local Doody Calls pooper scooper service, is raising money to equip as many Peninsula police dogs with bullet-resistant vests as he can...more...

Small Business Opportunities  Money Section: Front Page
A Dirty Job, But Someone Has to Get Rich Doing It
October 11, 2007

When Bobby visits the home of his new boss, Peter Sterling, he finds him living in a mansion with a girlfriend more drop-dead gorgeous than Betty Rubble on her best day. Sterling gives Bobby this advice: “You don't get rich doing what you love. You get rich doing something no one else wants to do.”

Jacob and Susan D'Aniello, both 30 and graduates of the University of Virginia, are finding this King of the Hill advice on the road to success is right on...more...

NOTE: This story includes a great video, “Cleaning Up After Others Makes Some Filthy Rich.”

Washington Business Journal
Brand Ambassadors: From Funny to Furry to Kind of Freaky, Mascots Help Build Market Buzz
August 17, 2007

Susan and Jacob discuss how “Doodle” was born and offer their own insights about brand building...more...
The Pet Economy
August 6, 2007
More than 350 service agencies with names such as Doody Duty, Scoopy-Poo, and Pooper Trooper have sprung up solely to relieve owners of the need even to pick up a pet's waste in their yard by doing it for them. With annual growth nearing 50%, “the pooper scooper industry is now experiencing a lot of consolidation,” says Jacob D'Aniello of DoodyCalls, which has 20 locations nationwide...more...
Loudoun Times Mirror
Scoopers in Demand in Loudoun
July 17, 2007
Loudoun Times Reporter Anne Keisman talks with Chris Decastro, the operations manager for the Fairfax, VA DoodyCalls franchise, about the day in the life of a pooper scooper professional...more...
Pet Product News
Here’s the Scoop
June, 2007
These companies thrive in the business of pets’ business...more...
The Daily News: Town Talk
The Community Solution to Pet Pollution
April 26, 2007
Reporter Joan Dentler talks with Rick and Paulette Nava about opening their new pooper scooper business in San Mateo County, California!
Redbook  Redbook Magazine
Outsource your to-do's
January 2007
Hire a pooper scooper. Of all the things on your to-do list, picking up Spot's doo is probably the least appealing...more...
Reader's Digest
RD Living
January 2007
Call in the puppy pros to scoop from your yard. Go to...more...
Small Business Opportunities Small Business Opportunities
Pick Up the Profits
Winter 2007
It's getting hard to manage all different kinds of waste in our society - and pet waste is no different...more...


Television top
Fox - Columbia, SC  Columbia, SC
Are You Picking Up What Your Pet Is Putting Down?
July 19, 2012
Of course pollution is an ongoing issue, but one pollutant that transmits bacteria and parasites into our waterways, potentially effecting our health, might be overlooked. That pollutant is pet waste, and experts say it can create a problem when it is not disposed of properly...more...
KCBS, Channel 5, San Francisco  Channel 5 - San Francisco, CA
Geese Take Over Redwood City Park
May, 2012
DoodyCalls steps up to the task, answers call of doody...more...
WZZM, Channel 13, Grand Rapids, MI  Channel 13 - Grand Rapids, MI
Time to Pick Up the Poop!
March 15, 2012
It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. We're talking about picking up after your dog. As WZZM 13's Sarah Sell found out, it's a year-round job that you don't have to do...more...
WTVR, Channel 6, Richmond, VA  Channel 6 - Richmond, VA
DoodyCalls Keeping Our Environment Clean
April 18, 2011
As Earth Day approaches, owner of Doody Calls Jeff Merten discusses the importance of cleaning up after your pets and keeping our environment clean...more...
WCNC - NewsChannel 36 - Charlotte, NC  NewsChannel 36 - Charlotte, NC
Laid-off Executive Starts Business As Pooper Scooper
July 16, 2010
They went from the corner office to the unemployment office, but now former top executives are finding a way to be their own bosses...more...
NBC Chicago  
Man Finds Cash in Pile of Doodie
June 16, 2010
Steve Wilson, an employee at DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal in St. Louis, recently found $58 inside a batch of dog poop, according to the AP. Wilson then cleaned the bills and returned them to the dog's owner....more...
KARE 11 - Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN  KARE 11 - Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Pet Waste Removal a Booming Business After Thaw
March 24, 2010
While some areas of the economy are still sluggish and slow to bounce back from the downturn, at least one bit of business is heating up right along with the temperature...more...
ABC News  Fox 5 News - Washington, DC
Melted Snow Reveals Doggie Poo Problem
March 5, 2010
The unsightly mounds of dirty snow aren't the only eye sore left behind from this season's record snowfall. It's a problem that's so big. “It makes me so angry that it's everywhere,” says dog trainer Stephanie Bagliani-Cantizano. It's quite frankly causing outrage.
WBTV - Channel 3 - Charlotte, NC  WBTV Channel 3 - Charlotte, NC
Good News: Poop Scooping for Profit
February 19, 2010
Ramon and Dee Dee Constante spend their work days in the outdoors. They use rakes and pails to make money, scooping poop...more...
Fox  The Mike Huckabee Show
New Careers in a Tough Economy - Fred Telmanowski
January 9, 2010
Prompted by a Thanksgiving-day article published on the national ABC News website about Fred's amazing story, Mike Huckabee spoke with Fred and Sally about how they turned a negative experience (a layoff) into a positive result (launching a successful new business).
ABC News   ABC News - Money
Survival Jobs You Never Thought You'd Be Thankful For
November 26, 2009
A year ago, Fred Telmanowski wouldn't have dreamed of entering the pet waste removal business. Then his employer of 30 years sent him packing with only three months' severance pay. Today, Telmanowski is not only thankful for his new job running the Baltimore franchise of DoodyCalls, a national poop-scooping chain. He's reveling in it...more...
WBTV - Channel 3 - Charlotte, NC  WBTV Channel 3 - Charlotte, NC
When Doody Calls
October 23, 2009
Ramon Constante used to have a pretty prestigious gig. He was a Wachovia banker with a title of vice president preceding his name. But when Wachovia did Constante. He lost his job to a layoff. "You gotta provide for your family," Constante says. That's right. Doody Calls. It's the name of his new brand new business, a pet waste clean up company...more...
News Channel 8 - WJLA - Washington, DC News Channel 8 - Washington, DC
“Doody” Calls for Monumental Mess on the Mall
September 10, 2009
A group of volunteers went on a wild goose chase Thursday on the National Mall, going after the droppings the geese left behind. When duty calls, professional pooper scoopers are ready for anything. On the National Mall—the mess is monumental. ...more...
News Channel 8 - WJLA - Washington, DC News Channel 8 - Washington, DC
A Group Is Petitioning to Get Police Dogs Bullet-Proof Vests
June 10, 2009
Dave Jensen of DoodyCalls visits “Let's Talk Live” to discuss the need and efforts underway to protect police dogs. He talks about George Sichler's Police K9 Foundation and what they (and DoodyCalls) have done to provide bullet- and stab-resistant vests...more...
ABC News  Fox 25 News - Boston, MA
Doing the Dirty Work
May 20, 2009
It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. And if that someone is not you, then FOX25’s Keba Arnold knows who will do it for you. Check out her story...more...
When Doody Calls
April 30, 2007
During his nightly television show, business maverick Donny Deutsch challenges his viewers to live the American Dream. Donny spoke with DoodyCalls founders Jacob and Susan about the 'business,' of DoodyCalls and their plans for the future. He also featured Jacob as the evening's “moment of clarity”...more...


Radio top
WBAL - 1090 AM
Doody Calls for Harford County Man
June 24, 2011

The Harford County resident decided that, at age 58, he had a better chance of starting his own business than being hired by another company. He began researching business opportunities when he got his calling; DoodyCalls, a pet waste removal company...listen...

Marketplace Morning Report
Cleaning Up After Chi-Chi or Charlie
January 19, 2011

Having a pet is a wonderful thing, the unconditional love of a dog, the feistiness of a cat, but cleaning up after Chi-Chi or Charlie is something less than wonderful - until now...listen...

W-A-M-U NPR Radio in Washington DC
Snow Doesn't Freeze Local Pooper-Scooper Laws
February 13, 2010

With all the snow around, dog walkers might not make it a priority to scoop their pooches' poop. And they could be breaking the law. Listen: Real Audio | Windows Media

W-A-M-U NPR Radio in Washington DC
Pet Owners Urged To Scoop The Wintertime Poop
February 12, 2010

The winter weather brings certain dangers, from heavy winds to icy roads. But local dog owners can do their part to prevent one potential pitfall of the season. Listen: Real Audio | Windows Media

WNBP Radio 1450 AM (Newburyport, MA)
Interview with Joe Gliottone, DoodyCalls
January 22, 2010

Joe Gliottone, DoodyCalls franchise owner, appeared on “The Morning Watch” program.

W-A-M-U NPR Radio in Washington DC
“DoodyCalls” Lucrative as Ever
September 11, 2009

Starting this week, a business specializing in creatures “doing their business” is volunteering to clean up animal waste on the National Mall. Listen: Real Audio | Windows Media

A Monumental Cleanup on the National Mall
September 10, 2009

You may have heard how the National Mall is kind of run down or losing its luster. That's why a number of volunteer maintenance workers are taking things into their own hands—so to speak—gardening, steam-cleaning and removing goose-poop...more...

W-A-M-U NPR Radio in Washington DC
Entrepreneurs Volunteer to “Pick Up” on the National Mall
September 10, 2009

Although the National Mall is getting $50 million to spend on improvements, one company is volunteering to “pick up” where other projects leave off. Listen: Real Audio | Windows Media


Other top
Arlington Patch
Doo's and Don't's for Dog Waste
January 21, 2011

That’s when I remembered hearing about a company that actually offers pet-waste removal services. I decided to get in touch with our local DoodyCalls specialist, Jack Sheehy. Certainly he’d be able to shed some light on this dark and smelly topic...more

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee  Nick News with Linda Ellerbee: Workin' It
Kids Talk About Jobs
August 2, 2010

When Corinne tells people about her job, she can tell people she has “the scoop,” as journalists like to say – a scoop about poop. “My job is to scoop up dog poop,” she says. Corinne doesn’t do it because she likes dog poop...more

The Consumerist
Would You Pick $58 Out Of Dog Poop?
June 28, 2010

In these tough financial times, you have to make your money any way you can. And if that includes extricating some cash from the recently deposited canine feces, well... okay, that's a bit gross. But that didn't stop a man in St. Louis from doing it...more

Dog Poops Money, and Now It Can Be Yours!
June 25, 2010

Karen Linn, who owns money-eater Fozzie the Dog, is auctioning the unusable bills on eBay, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Humane Society of the United States...more

St. Louis Today
Above and Beyond
June 19, 2010

It goes without saying that the St. Louis citizen of the year for 2010 should be Steve Wilson of DoodyCalls, a dog waste removal service...more

When doody called him, this man responded....
June 16, 2010

This is why your mother says to wash your hands after handling money. An employee of DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal in St. Louis says he recently found $58 packed in dog poop, then returned the cash to the pooch's owner...more

Man Finds $58 Crumpled in Dog Poop, Returns it to Rightful Owner
June 16, 2010

You never know what you’ll find when scooping dog poop. Steve Wilson, who works for Doody Calls Pet Waste Removal System, in St. Louis, recently saw something odd sticking out of a pile of poop...more Entrepreneurs
It's A Dirty Job, But Lots of People Want to Do It
March 4, 2010

"It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it! Amazing that you went from a straight-laced corporate job to something rather low-tech...and much more rewarding. Bravo!" -- Mitchell York, Entrepreneurs Guide...more

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur
140 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Clients
December 15, 2009

57. For pet owners, what greater luxury is there than a life without poop? Because your clients have better things to do with their time, give a DoodyCalls gift card this holiday season and let them wash their hands clean of the whole clean up business...more

mlive .com
Odd Jobs Video: Picking Up Dog Doody for a Living
by T.J. Hamilton | The Grand Rapids Press
August 10, 2009

“Odd Jobs” is the name for a series of videos we'll post every Monday for as long as we find people who are performing untraditional jobs. Dave Hunt has an odd job: The 46-year-old Byron Center resident travels around West Michigan taking care of the business end of dogs— the droppings that is...more...
WS Radio
Founding DoodyCalls
September 11, 2007

Susan D'Aniello talks with host Dr. Gayle Carson about the “business” of picking up, and how Susan turned what your dog leaves behind into a national brand...more...
Doggie Chronicles
DoodyCalls on the Doggie Chronicles
September 8, 2007

Susan D'Aniello, Founder, DoodyCalls joins hosts Lisa Gorman and Scott Sheppard to talk about their nationwide solutions for pet waste removal. Listen to the Interview.
Smart Money
Balancing Work and Life: Working with Your Spouse
September 4, 2007

DoodyCalls owners Susan and Jacob talk about the challenges and rewards of working with your spouse and suggest ways to balance work and life...more...
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