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3 Water Safety Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

By DoodyCalls

As the summer grows hotter, dog owners everywhere flock to the nearest pools, lakes, and oceans, searching for relief from the heat. The only thing better than a dip in the pool is having your furry friend swimming along with you.

With this in mind, we at DoodyCalls wanted to present a summertime guide to safe swimming with your pet.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

When enjoying a nice swim, be sure you always keep your eye on the prize - the prize, of course, being your four-legged friend. Although there is a swimming stroke named after them, not all dogs are great swimmers.

When around a body of water, be sure to slowly introduce your dog and stay by their side if they need assistance or rescue. If you're heading out on a boat trip, where the risk for your dog jumping in is greater, be sure to invest in a dog-designed life jacket.

Heat Stroke is No Joke

When walking on a sand-covered or paved area and feel your feet start to burn, be aware that your dog's paws are experiencing the same pain. You can make your pet more comfortable by adjusting your visit to the early morning or late evening when the sun's effects aren't as strong.

Additionally, with the heat, your pet may become thirsty. Be sure to discourage them from drinking from any chlorine-filled pool water and bacteria-filled lake water.

Command the Day

Another way to make sure you and your pet will have a relaxing time is to go over some basic commands ahead of time. Being able to recall your dog if they become too excited, encounter a new person, or for an emergency is an important safety step, especially when your dog is off-leash.

An additional summer safety step would be to take a pet CPR class at the start of each summer.

The joys of being a pet owner in the summer are a real thrill as you finally get outside and active with your dog. Before heading to your favorite body of water for a day of relaxation in the sun and swimming alongside your best friend, be sure to keep our water safety tips in mind.

We hope you all have a great summer season and tag DoodyCalls in any of your pet's summer selfies.