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3 Water Safety Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

As the summer grows hotter, dog owners everywhere will begin to flock to their nearest pools, lakes, and oceans in search of some relief from the heat. DoodyCalls knows that a dip into the water is often even better when you’re swimming with a friend, that’s why we wanted to bring you a few tips to keep your dog safe this summer season.

Care2 reminds readers that it’s a myth that all dogs can swim. With a stroke named after your four-legged friend you may be tempted to throw them in and watch them take off. Instead, we ask that you introduce your dog slowly to the water, and stay by their side in case they need rescued. If you’re headed out on a boat trip, where the risk for your dog to jump in is greater, be sure to invest in a dog-designed life jacket. When headed to a sand covered area keep in mind that just as your bare feet feel the burn, your dog’s paws are experiencing the same pain.  Given this, please make accommodations to carry your dog or consider adjusting your visit to early in the morning or later in the evening, when the sun’s effects aren’t quite so strong.

Hedy Phillips a Copy Editor and pet specialist at PopSugar, reminds you to have plenty of fresh water on hand at all times. This will prevent your dog from having a heat stroke, as well as discourage him from drinking from the chlorine-filled pool water and bacteria-filled lake water. Before setting off, she encourages you to go over some basic commands with your dog to ensure that they will return to you on command. This will allow you to reel them back in should they become too excited while playing in the water, to be aware of potential risks in the area. It’s also a great idea to take a pet CPR class at the start of each summer, just in case the need should arise.

The joys of a pet owners are heightened by the summer sun and thrill at finally getting outside and active with your dog. Before heading to your favorite body of water for a day of relaxation in the sun and swimming alongside your best friend, be sure to keep the following water safety tips in mind.

  • Proceed with Caution – Not all dogs can swim. Please keep this in mind when introducing your dog to water. Also, as dogs age their ability to swim may decline, so as your dog enters their senior years you will need to keep an especially close eye on them around the water.
  • Pack Fresh Water – Though you will be surrounded with a plentiful amount of H20, we strongly encourage you to bring along your dog’s favorite travel bowl and bottled water. Planning water breaks will keep your dog hydrated and ward off the temptation to drink the bacteria or chlorine filled water they’re playing in.
  • Prepare with Basic Training– Pet owners are encouraged to take a dog CPR class before the summer begins. It’s also a very good idea to enter your dog into a basic obedience training class to ensure that he will come back to you on command as most water fun is off leash.

We hope you all have a very fabulous summer season. Please feel free to post pictures of you and your dog’s enjoying the water on our DoodyCalls social media pages. We would love to see them!