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Keep Your Pets Healthy & Clear Your Yard of Their Waste

We all love our furry friends, which is why it is so hard on owners when they get sick – especially through avoidable dangers. Many owners don't realize that several pet illnesses can be avoided by simply keeping their backyard clear of pet waste.

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Americans spent more money on their pets in 2020 than ever before. In fact, owners spent $99 billion on their pets, nearly $9 billion more than two years prior. Vet care makes up $30.2 billion of that total.

Doggie Dangers to Dodge

Your dog's waste isn't just avoidable because you don't want to find it on the bottom of your shoe – it's also a breeding ground for infection.

Bacteria, worms, and other parasites thrive in the waste until it's cleaned up or washed into the water supply – especially in dog parks and other areas where dogs frequently gather. Other dangers commonly found in dog feces and are easily transferable upon contact include Giardia, ringworm, roundworm, and E. coli.

When a pet becomes sick, contagions are often passed through their deposits into their yard. The longer the infected dog waste stays on the ground, the greater the contamination becomes and the higher chance the dog may catch the infection again.

Roundworm, for example, is one of the most common parasites found in dog waste, and it can remain infectious in contaminated soil and water for years.

The best thing pet owners can do to help keep their furry loved ones healthy and safe is to pick up after them and do so promptly.

Who Are You Gonna Call?

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